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Gold, Silver & Gemstone Bracelets

Discover meaningful bracelets with healing gemstones and soulful symbols to serve as touchstones for what matters. Many of our spiritual bracelets feature gemstones that bring positive, healing energy into your life. We pair our healing gemstone bracelets with symbols that give meaning and intention to each piece of jewelry. In addition to our crystal bracelets, you’ll also find engraved bangles and cuffs, spiritual bracelets and beaded bracelets. All of our bracelets are designed to bring both beauty and meaning. Welcome positivity and healing energy into your life with bracelets that embody what you want to manifest in your future.


Discover your Personal Talisman

Whether you’re seeking prosperity, protection, or the magic of a new beginning, talismans can be used to help manifest whatever your soul is seeking. Discover which talisman best represents your journey with this Talisman Quiz, then choose the styles that call to your spirit. 



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