• Root Chakra Pendant
  • Root Chakra Pendant
  • Root Chakra Pendant

Root Chakra Pendant

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The first of the chakras, the Root Chakra—or Muladhara—is linked to the unconscious mind, forming the barrier between past lives and future. The Root Chakra pulls energy downward to ground us to the earth and give us strength. A glimmering red stone set in a gold lotus pendant captures the essence of the chakra for an eye-catching necklace. Come into the seat of your consciousness; awaken your connection to all humanity.

Chakra: Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra)
Location:  Root of the Spine
Color: Red
Balanced Attributes: Vitality, Awakening, Growth
Imbalanced Attributes: Laziness, Self-Centeredness, Overwhelmed by Physical Desires
Mantra: LAM  (“I Am”)
Lotus: 4 Petal Lotus (Balancing the Mind, Intellect, Consciousness, Ego)
Red Garnet – love, friendship, guidance

- 36" Length

- 18kt gold plated over brass