• Third Eye Chakra Necklace
  • Third Eye Chakra Necklace

Third Eye Chakra Necklace


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The sixth of the chakras, the Third Eye Chakra—or Agya—is where the human and Divine intersect. It is at this level that we see the reality of the Self; here, we obtain discerning wisdom. A 2 petal lotus symbolizes the connection of higher consciousness with the Divine; where unity, truth, consciousness and emptiness merge with the bliss we continually seek.

Chakra:  Third Eye Chakra (Agya Chakra) 

Location:  Between the Eyebrows

Color:  Indigo 

Balanced Attributes: Divinity, Wisdom, Clarity 

Imbalanced Attributes:  Confusion, Uncertainty 

Mantra: OM (“I See”)

 Lotus: 2 Petal Lotus (Symbolizing the Self and God)

- Agate - protection, strength, harmony
- 18kt gold plated over brass
- 18" Length