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Celestial Jewelry

This autumn, Satya Jewelry harnesses the infinite mystery of the sky to create the Celestial Birthstone Collection. This celestial jewelry collection features pieces that honor our unique gifts and celebrate the magic of our shared connection to the Universe.

The collection features 12 celestial necklaces, each gleaming with a heavenly golden sky-scape set against a gunmetal backdrop. The crescent moon on each celestial pendant symbolizes nourishment, protection and the goddess. Meanwhile, a sun, a powerful sign of vitality, shines with the depth and brilliance of the birthstone that accents it.

A piece of celestial jewelry with a birthstone makes for a brilliant birthday gift—or an anytime reminder that the recipient is deeply valued by the Universe above. Satya crafted this collection of birthstone celestial jewelry with a keen eye for the powerful symbolism of gemstones and heavenly bodies.

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With each purchase you make, the Satya Foundation will provide one day’s worth of shelter, education, healthcare, clothing and food to a child in India. Together, we can empower children to reach their full potential.

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