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Symbols and Gemstones

What are you drawn to?

Satya Jewelry is named for satya, the Sanskrit word for “truth.” Each piece of Satya Jewelry is designed to resonate deeply with its wearer--to connect to one’s own truth and empower a personal journey. Whether you are called to a healing gemstone or an ancient symbol, we believe that what you are drawn to is exactly what your spirit is seeking. We invite you to discover what resonates within you.

Every stone and symbol used in Satya Jewelry is chosen not only for their beauty, but for their meaning and symbolism. As part of our commitment to truth, we strive to make jewelry that is not only beautiful and meaningful, but which is sourced ethically. Every ethically-sourced stone is meticulously chosen, and our designs are crafted to ensure that only high-grade, non-toxic metals are used for your Satya Jewelry pieces.

Symbols Gemstones

Lotus Flower

new beginnings

Throughout the world, the lotus represents new beginnings, rebirth and infinite potential. In nature, the lotus roots itself in mud, arising daily from the murky water to burst into bloom--a cycle that has made the lotus flower sacred in many cultures and has earned it the designation “Flower of Life." In Buddhism, the lotus signifies rising above life’s challenges and turning toward enlightenment; in Hinduism, Lord Brahma, creator of the Universe, sits on a lotus flower and holds one in his hand. Let the lotus mark your new beginning.

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The chakra—or cakra—is rooted in the Hindu/Yoga tradition and means “wheel” or “mystical cycle” in Sanskrit. In ancient India, the discovery of psycho-energetic centers within the body led to the term chakra, and refers to the universal energy system within that funnels energy in a circular pattern. When the seven main chakras are opened and aligned, energy flows freely, allowing us to to move about the world in physical and emotional harmony; chakras also guide us as we come into our spiritual power.

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Mandala, or “circle” in Sanskrit, is both a spiritual ritual and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. The circular designs represent the Universe, the infinite cycle and sacred connection of all things; it also symbolizes the spiritual journey of the individual. When used in meditation, the mandala helps center the body and mind and reflects the harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

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The evil eye—or eye of protection—has roots in ancient Greece and Rome, but is found across religious traditions across the world, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. The evil eye is believed to protect its wearer from harm caused by a malicious glare, and to keep negative energy at bay so you can safely walk your journey and fulfill your dreams.

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The hamsa—or hand of protection—is an ancient talisman dating back to Mesopotamia and is revered throughout the world for its protection against nefarious forces and negative energy. In the Jewish tradition, the hamsa represents the hand of God and may be referred to as “hand of Miriam”; Muslims may call it “the hand of Fatima.” The hamsa brings positivity, prosperity and security to its wearer and their home.

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At the heart of spiritual practices for tens of thousands of years, the moon has always transfixed our imaginations and called our souls to soar. Often associated with the Divine Feminine, "Grandmother Moon" guides our journeys with her nurturing wisdom, inviting us to ignite our intuition and explore our goddess energy. Just as the moon governs the pull of the tides, we are inspired by her phases--an invitation to follow the ebbs and flows of our personal evolution.

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For thousands of years, the sun has been a revered symbol across cultures, playing an important role in our shared stories and capturing the essence of the life cycle. Whether used to depict the passage of time, to mark life or death, or to symbolism royalty and power, the sun remains a guiding force even today. Signifying vitality and leadership, the sun blesses us with illumination and warmth, calling us to turn our faces to the light.

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From eternal compasses that guide our lives to keepers of our most sacred wishes, stars hold magic for the eyes that gaze upon them. In astrology, stars make up the constellations of the zodiac, foretelling what lies ahead on our individual paths. Often a symbol of guidance, stars are also associated with protection and divine energy as we walk our paths to truth.

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inner self

Dating back to the ancient Babylonians, the zodiac has been a touchstone for human beings to make sense of the world. Perhaps for as long as we’ve roamed the earth, the sky has captivated us with its mystery, its wisdom resonating within us. The zodiac uses the constellation under which you were born to reflect personality traits and serves as a map of what the future holds—a reminder that we are governed by the stars.

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At the core of our humanity beats the heart, a symbol of love in its myriad forms. When our hearts are open to give and receive love, we embody it; we know joy, we practice compassion and we bestow kindness. The heart contains our sacred life force; it invites us to practice self-love so in turn, we may give love freely to others.

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Traditionally revered in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, elephants are often considered a talisman of good luck and are associated with fertility and protection. In the wild, elephants display incredible emotional intelligence, making them a symbol of wisdom, as well. When depicted with their trunks down, it is said that the elephant is gathering positive energy and pushing through obstacles; an upward trunk signifies prosperity. Let the elephant bless you with abundant good fortune.

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In astrology, Saturn is the planet that governs meaning and structure; it represents boundaries and helps us exert self-control. Like a wise teacher, Saturn knows that in order to bring our dreams to fruition, we must at times exert discipline and embrace commitment. With Saturn at the helm, we draw our goals into sharp relief; our focus and dedication is renewed.

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Our Materials

Satya Jewelry is hand-crafted in India, Thailand and the USA. We partner with talented artisans from rich jewelry-making traditions in India and Thailand to create our cast jewelry pieces. We are proud of our partnerships with these factories, where the people who make Satya Jewelry earn a fair living wage and are employed under safe working conditions.

About Us

With a commitment to honor individual truth, Satya Jewelry has been creating inspiring, spiritual jewelry designed for the journey since 2002.


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