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Mandala Jewelry

Satya Jewelry’s mandala jewelry collection is an homage to the divine connection between the sacred self and the all-knowing Universe.

Mandala, or “circle” in Sanskrit, is both a spiritual ritual and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. The circular designs represent the Universe, the infinite cycle and sacred connection of all things. The mandala can be used to focus attention and is an honored spiritual guidance tool for practitioners. Mandala necklaces, bracelets or earrings are all a reminder of your spiritual center.

Our mandala jewelry collection includes our best-selling mandala necklaces, birthstone necklaces, bracelets of healing gemstones and symbolic earrings. Choose the mandala jewelry that speaks to you and allows you to breathe deeply and meditate on the connectedness of all things.

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With each purchase you make, the Satya Foundation will provide one day’s worth of shelter, education, healthcare, clothing and food to a child in India. Together, we can empower children to reach their full potential.

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