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The Evil Eye Jewelry Collection

The evil eye—or eye of protection—has roots in ancient Greece and Rome, but is found across religious traditions across the world, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam,  Buddhism and Hinduism. Evil eye jewelry is believed to protect its wearer from harm caused by a malicious glare, and to keep negative energy at bay so you can safely walk your journey and fulfill your dreams. Our evil eye jewelry comes in many styles, and many of our third eye jewelry pieces are made with healing gemstones, such as blue topaz and amazonite. Shop necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets inspired by the all-seeing eye.


Discover your Personal Talisman

Whether you’re seeking prosperity, protection, or the magic of a new beginning, talismans can be used to help manifest whatever your soul is seeking. Discover which talisman best represents your journey with this Talisman Quiz, then choose the styles that call to your spirit. 



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