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How to Meditate with a Mala 

Integrating a mala into meditation can help you set your intention for your practice and help you manifest what you’re seeking. By moving your fingers across the beads as you meditate, it can also ground and guide you. Our minds naturally wander during meditation, and many find that returning to the mala as a physical touchstone refocuses their mind and their breath. 

Whether you’re just beginning a meditation practice or have been practicing meditation for some time, adding a mala can become a deeply personal and meaningful part of your practice

Step 1: Get in a comfortable position to meditate. 

Step 2: Hold your mala loosely in your dominant hand with the tassel facing toward you, noting the loop of healing gemstones and the hand-tied knots between each bead. Feel the softness of the silk tassel and notice the single golden bead–known as the “guru bead”–between the tassel and the rest of the gemstones.

Step 3: Set your intention for this meditation practice. An intention is a positive change you want to draw into your life, from a specific dream (“I want to start my own business this year”) to a lofty goal (“I want to be a more patient person”). 

Step 4: The thumb and ring finger are often used to navigate a mala, as the index finger represents the ego and should not come in contact with the beads. 

Using your thumb and ring finger, reach for the bead to the right of the guru bead and begin turning it as you complete one round of breath or recite the mantra that best supports your intention. Pull the next bead toward you as if you’re drawing positive energy into your life, and repeat. 

Step 5: Once you work your way around the entire loop of the mala and reach the guru bead, you’ll have completed 108 rounds of breath and recitation of your mantra.

Holding the guru bead, close out your meditation session by saying a prayer of gratitude and take a moment to reflect on what was revealed to you as you sat in your practice. Place your mala in a place of prominence to remind you of what you’re manifesting, or wear it as a necklace to keep your intention close to your heart throughout the day. 

How to Choose a Mantra for Your Meditation Practice 

Reciting a mantra during your meditation practice helps to send your intention out to the Universe, manifesting what you’re seeking into existence. A mantra also acts as a focal point in your meditation practice, returning your mind to positive energy when it begins to wander.

My boundaries are necessary to achieve balance in my life. 
I am strong. I am resilient. I am enough. 
My heart is open to giving and receiving love. 
I am a source of calm, even in chaos. 
I am here, now. I am exactly where I am meant to be. 
I am capable. I am empowered. I am ready. 
I release what no longer serves me; I make room for positivity in my life. 
My heart is open to joy; I welcome joy however it arrives. 
I am guided by the Universe and supported on my journey. 

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