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3 Powerful Tips for Using Your Chakra Bracelet

A chakra bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry, but it’s not just that—it’s also an essential tool to keep your energy centers balanced and aligned. If you have a chakra bracelet of your own and are wondering how to use it effectively, Satya Jewelry has a few powerful tips to offer.

Activate Its Energies

If your chakra bracelet is new and you don’t feel connected to it yet, you can follow a few steps to activate its balancing energies.

  • Place the bracelet in a bowl of clean water along with your favorite charging crystals.
  • Remove the bracelet from the bowl and gently pat it dry, then lay it on a windowsill to expose it to sunlight or moonlight (your choice).
  • Hold the bracelet between your palms and meditate on each chakra, one by one.

Helpful Hint:

While salt is a common spiritual cleanser, be wary of placing your bracelet in salted water, as it can damage some of the gemstones or crystals.

Set Intentions Every Day

If you wear your chakra jewelry every day, infuse it with a daily intention each morning before you put it on. Hold the bracelet in both hands and focus on what you want it to do for you that day. Every time you glance down at your wrist, the bracelet will remind you of your meditative goals and intentions.

Switch Wrists

There’s no single correct answer regarding which wrist is best for chakra bracelets. Rather, it’s about what purpose you want the bracelet to serve. Many wearers routinely switch which wrist holds their chakra bracelet in order to reap all of its benefits.


The left side is commonly called the feminine, or receiving, side. If you want to harness positive energy from the outside world and draw it inward, slide your chakra bracelet onto your left wrist.


Meanwhile, the right side is known as the masculine, or giving, side. To radiate peace and spiritual balance everywhere you go, put that chakra bracelet on your right wrist.

Are you wondering how to use your chakra bracelet for optimal meditative benefits? These powerful tips from Satya Jewelry aim to help you create a spiritual practice that’s all your own. Adapt the balancing energies of your chakra bracelet to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

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