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4 Meaningful Gems for People Who Love Wearing Green

Color is a powerful component of many spiritual practices. Some people wear their zodiac power colors to feel more in tune with their celestial roots, while others gravitate toward gemstones in their favorite colors for a quick mood boost. If you love wearing green, these meaningful gems will help you feel peaceful and confident.


This ancient symbol of serenity and balance has been highly valued in East Asia for centuries. Jade comes in a veritable rainbow of colors, but its green hues are the most famous and sought after. Wear a jade ring or necklace to bring harmony and peace into your life.

Good To Know:

Jade is also a powerful stone for financial prosperity and good luck in business. If you are undertaking a new business venture, wear a piece of jade to draw that lucky energy your way.


Does your self-esteem need a boost? Chrysoprase is one of the birthstones associated with May and is known to bring prosperity, poise, and grace to those who wear it. Clasp a symbolic necklace featuring this gemstone around your neck to bring your emotions into balance and encourage clarity in your thoughts.


Spiritualists in centuries past attached metaphysical, even magical, properties to emeralds. While emerald jewelry may not heal your physical maladies on its own, it’s a stone of eternal love and spiritual nourishment. If you feel emotionally fragile or low on energy, emerald jewelry will remind you that the universe loves and supports you.


This pale green stone isn’t just the birthstone of August—it’s also associated with the heart chakra. If you are having difficulty letting go of an unpleasant experience, or if you struggle with anxiety, peridot jewelry can draw positive healing energy in your direction. Let go of your emotional baggage and renew your outlook on life by wearing peridot gemstones as a reminder of your capacity for growth.

If you love wearing green and look to symbolic jewelry pieces to augment your spiritual practice, incorporate these meaningful gems into your jewelry box. Green is both a visually pleasing color and a highly influential hue for individuals seeking good fortune, emotional balance, and inner healing.

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