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August Inspiration: SPIRIT

This month, we’re honoring Spirit in its myriad forms: From our own divine spirits to the benevolent force of the Universe, Spirit is all around—in us, in nature, in others. When we open ourselves to its presence, inspiration abounds. We awaken to the joy and beauty around us, we seek to be compassionate and kind. Spirit beckons us to elevate and enlighten, to journey with purpose.

Consider when you most feel connected to a higher being. Perhaps you name it Spirit; maybe you call it God, or the Universe, or sacred energy. However you refer to it, you know when you are open to receiving its blessings: You may feel deeply attuned to your surroundings; you may feel lighter and more energized; you may immediately connect with someone you just met.

When we are open to receiving its presence, Spirit reveals itself. Here, in the beauty of nature that surrounds us; there, in the eyes of others whose hearts are also open. Being fully present in the moment, acknowledging inspiration and giving thanks for its blessings, and treating all living beings with compassion and grace—these are moments when we connect to Spirit.

As August invites us to savor the rhythm of its unhurried days, we embrace the opportunity to honor Spirit. Notice the ambient light of the night sky and the gentle caress of a summer breeze on your bare skin. Feel the rush of water swirling against your legs as you stand on the shore, its inevitable retreat pulling the sand from between your toes. Cherish the warmth of your loved one’s body as you pull them in for a hug; mark the sound of joy when you and a friend share a full-throated laugh.

When we are fully present, Spirit appears, reminding us of the beauty that exists in all living things. Look up, look out: Spirit is everywhere. May this month find each of us paying attention, so we may honor its abundant blessings.

August's Mantra


"I am a divine part of the Universe; I honor Spirit in all living things."

Symbol of the Month: Hamsa

The hamsa—or hand of protection—is an ancient talisman dating back to Mesopotamia and is revered throughout the world for its protection against nefarious forces. In the Jewish tradition, the hamsa represents the hand of God and may be referred to as “the hand of Miriam”; Muslims may call it “the hand of Fatima.” Wear the hamsa to tap into positivity, prosperity, and blessings.

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Symbol of the Month: Peridot

Cherished as the stone of friendship and happiness, peridot—the birthstone of August—encourages alignment and harmony.

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