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Behind the Designs: Creating the Joyful Beginnings and Pathway to Love Necklaces

Since our founding, Satya Jewelry has been committed to making a difference by supporting missions aligned with our own, and giving back to those in need. To that end, we founded The Satya Foundation, a 501(c)(3) providing education, opportunities, and support to children, all over the world.

When our founder Satya sat down with our designers, Rohini and Carol, to begin creating our latest pieces that give back, they turned to two organizations supported by The Satya Foundation for inspiration.

They chose the lotus as a starting point for designing the necklace to benefit Ramana's Garden, a children's home on the banks of the Ganges River. The lotus flower is an ancient symbol of new beginnings and full potential, as it rises from the mud each morning to burst into bloom. Like the lotus, the children of Ramana's Garden are encouraged to begin their lives anew and to reach their full potential.

What's more, Ramana's Garden holds the vision that every child in India, regardless of caste, creed, or socio-economic background, has the right to quality education, proper nutrition, and primary healthcare. Their goal is to empower every child growing up here to take risks, to grow into an integrated and unique person, to foster a sense of compassion, and to obtain skills with which to secure a valuable position in the job market.

This lotus-inspired necklace is named "Joyful Beginnings" because we know when these children are under the care of Ramana's Garden, it is their opportunity to begin their lives anew.

To support the children of Manjushree Home and School in Tawang, India, our designers chose the Tibetan Wheel of Life symbol-- not only for its intricate details, but for the inspiring meaning behind it. The Tibetan Wheel symbolizes life's challenges and the pathway that leads us beyond them. They added a tiny lotus in the center of the wheel as a reminder that new beginnings are always possible

Manjushree is a community home and school dedicated to providing excellent education and healthcare with pure love. The school strongly believes in nurturing the potential of each student, empowering them to become champions in life through compassion and encouragement, while inspiring meaningful contributions to society and the world at large.

This Tibetan Wheel necklace is named "Pathway to Love" because while children arrive at Manjushree facing challenges, they receive the tools they need to help move beyond those challenges so they can reach their full potential.

Each of these necklaces was designed with intention to reflect the organizations they benefit, and to evoke hope in their wearer. Every time you wear them, may you be inspired to embark on your own new beginning or to move beyond the challenges you now face. Know that by purchasing these necklaces, you've made a difference in the lives of children in India.

100% of the proceeds from the Joyful Beginnings and Pathway to Love necklaces will be donated to Ramana's Garden and Manjushree Home and School.

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