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End of Year Reflections

End of Year Reflections

This time of year—in all of its gorgeous chaos—often finds us racing toward the finish line: That final gift to buy, that one last party to attend, that rush out the door for a holiday gathering. While we cherish the magic of the season and look forward to a clean slate in the new year, we also like to steal a few precious moments to quietly reflect on the year we’re leaving behind: What we’ve loved, learned, the challenges we’ve overcome and what we’ve accomplished in 2019.

Below, the Satya Jewelry team shares some of their favorite moments and lessons of the past year—and the hope and positivity that 2020 holds for each of them.

Want to join us? Make a list using these 4 simple steps:

1. Consider your challenges

2. Celebrate your highlights

3. List your blessings

4. Renew your focus for the year ahead


Satya Jewelry 2019 Reflections:

“Moving into a new year is always excited and a perfect opportunity to reflect on the year we are leaving behind and the new year we are being.  For me, 2019 was a year of great change. Breaking down old and rebuilding new.  This is sometimes very hard but I believe it has set the tone for the year ahead.  For this year I am grateful for all the people in my life that continue to believe in me and support me in all I do.  I have achieved the ability to let go and heal so much of my past challenges running Satya Jewelry which I am truly grateful for.  I am excited to begin a new year free of so much that has been weighing me down.  I feel excited about all the possibilities embarking on a new decade.  My eyes are open my heart is full and I am ready!” – Satya, Founder, and CEO

As this decade comes to a close, I can say this year has had its ups and downs but I am grateful to end the year in good health. I’ve always been a huge fan of fashion and design so I was most excited to learn that a collection I helped design for a friend had been picked up by a major retailer. Starting a new job 2 weeks after I moved into a new place was challenging but everyone was so supportive and helpful that it made the transition a lot easier. I am excited to see what 2020 brings!” – Asia, Director of Ecommerce

Starting at Satya Jewelry just 6 months ago, I can say that I feel like I found my happy place. Being surrounded by friendly, kind, smart and genuine people is a blessing and I couldn’t ask for a better team. Working in customer service can be challenging at times, however, after getting to know Satya’s customers and their deep attachment and true love for their jewelry and the meaning behind it is truly inspiring. This upcoming year I am excited to see all of our beautiful collections come to life, and how we can continue to grow and make our following even bigger!” – Tiara, Ecommerce & Customer Service Manager

As we enter 2020, I couldn’t have asked for a better year to close out the decade. Both personally and professionally, this year has been full of great challenges and rewards. I was so excited to have completed my first ever Marathon in early November and followed that with my all-time favorite collaboration launch: The Yoga Girl Collection. Both of these projects took a lot of hard work and dedication but wouldn’t have been possible without the support, collaboration, and teamwork from all of the amazing people around me. I am beyond excited to see what 2020 has in store!” – Ashlea, Marketing Director

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