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Guidelines for Creating the Perfect Ring Stack

Ring stacking is an appealing and eye-catching jewelry trend for people who collect rings and baubles they love to wear every day. You may have a limited number of fingers, but who says you have to limit yourself to one ring per finger? Gather your ring collection and start experimenting with layers and styling options that speak to you personally.

Satya Jewelry has compiled an extensive list of guidelines to help you create the perfect ring stack. The tips outlined below are not meant to be hard-and-fast rules; instead, use them as a creative springboard and try all kinds of stacks. You may find yourself enjoying a new everyday style for your jewelry!

Organize Your Ring Collection

Before you start stacking, spread out all your rings in front of you and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. You can prioritize metal types, separating gold from sterling silver, or organize them by size. If you’ve got a collection of jewelry from different eras, you can even try arranging them by decade!

This first step will help you mix and match those categories more creatively. Most importantly, though, your organizational system should be intuitive for you.

Start With a Single Metal

When you organized your ring collection, did you find that you have handfuls of sterling silver rings but very few gold or rose gold options? Use that common metal to tie your ring stack together.

If a common metal unifies your ring stack, feel free to mix and match sizes and styles. Stack two or three thin bands alongside a bold statement ring, or combine your favorite vintage piece with a more trendy ring.

Combine Your Favorite Eras

Do you have a sizable collection of vintage jewelry? Bring your old-fashioned pieces out of the jewelry box and stack them alongside more modern styles.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match rings that don’t seem like they would fit together. After all, it’s just a ring stack! Plus, wearing vintage or heirloom jewelry more often can bring a smile to your face and remind you of the person who gifted it to you.

Try a Statement Ring

While many ring stacks feature just several smaller, thinner rings, don’t discount the power of a statement piece. Use your favorite big, bold ring as the foundation of your ring stack, and build around it with smaller accent pieces.

Top Tip:

Consider using a meaningful symbol as the base for your ring stack! A bold ring from our evil eye jewelry collection wards off negative thoughts and keeps your spirit protected. Evil eye rings also make fantastic conversation pieces.

Create Multiple Smaller Stacks

You’ve got 10 fingers; get some use out of more than one of them! For example, if you’ve got a large statement ring on your middle finger, stack a few smaller rings on your index and ring fingers to accent that centerpiece.

Not only does this practice look cool, it also distributes the weight of your jewelry, so you’re not loading up a single finger with multiple heavy pieces.

Skip (at Least) One Finger

Depending on how many rings you’ve got in your collection, you may get tempted to stack all 10 of your fingers with at least one or two rings each. However, a little restraint goes a long way when it comes to jewelry.

Leave at least one finger on each hand free of jewelry. Your ring stack (or stacks) will feel cohesive and daring without overwhelming your hands.

Incorporate a Variety of Textures

Part of the fun of ring stacking is the opportunity to combine pieces with different textures and aesthetics. Smooth, plain bands are essential to any ring stack, but don’t be afraid to try hammered metal pieces or rings studded with your favorite gemstones!

Texture is an essential element of visual interest. Mix and match your favorites until you arrive at an arrangement that looks and feels good to you.

Try a Midi Ring

Midi rings are tiny, elegant rings worn midway between the fingertip and the first knuckle. Usually a size three or smaller, these little rings add a delicate touch to any ring stack. The most effective midi rings are thin and lightweight so as not to interfere with the function of your hand or weigh it down.

Wearing one or more midi rings is a great way to use your entire finger for your ring stack! They also accentuate long, elegant fingers and draw attention to manicured nails.

Create a Cohesive Color Palette

Do you have a variety of rings with different gemstones or colorful enamel designs? While you don’t have to go entirely monochrome with your color choices, it’s wise to exercise a little restraint to avoid overwhelming your hands.

Try a ring stack featuring gemstones in cooler shades like blue, green, and aqua. Or, if you’re wearing a colorful statement ring, keep your accent rings more neutral so the statement piece gets the attention.

Don’t Neglect Your Pinky Finger

A pinky ring (or two or three) is an easy way to project an image of effortless cool. Your pinky finger is a perfect spot for a ring that no longer fits on your ring finger or isn’t small enough to act as a midi ring.

Try to wear your pinky ring(s) on your non-dominant hand if you’re concerned about it interfering with your ability to write smoothly. And don’t be afraid to slide your statement ring on your smallest finger! Bold, glittering pinky rings are sure to turn a few heads.

If the trend of stacking rings appeals to you, spend some quality time with your jewelry box and create an eye-catching ring stack of your own! Use these guidelines from Satya Jewelry as a starting point for creating the perfect ring stack that speaks to your personality.

When it comes to mixing and matching jewelry that’s meaningful to you, the only real rule is that rules are meant to be broken. Start the creative process with the help of these tips, then branch out and create daring ring stacks of your own!

Guidelines for Creating the Perfect Ring Stack

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