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It's time for a new beginning: January Inspiration

A new day, a new year, a new beginning: However you choose to frame the arrival of 2024, we hope you'll feel inspired by the possibilities this moment offers.

As we turn our focus to what lies ahead, we carry with us the wisdom we accrued over the last year and the abundant blessings that were bestowed upon us. We are grateful for what we have learned, for what we have released, for connections made, and love shared. We have opened ourselves to joy and refused to look away from heartbreak. We have sat with discomfort and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with those who needed us. As with all passages of time, this year looks different in the rearview mirror; this, too is a gift: the gift of perspective.

This new beginning offers us opportunities to love more fiercely, to laugh more fully, to adventure and risk and leap toward our dreams. It offers us the possibility of success and good fortune, and outcomes we can't yet imagine.

As January begins, we step fully into the new year. We are fully ourselves, with all we are and all that we will become, and we are ready to begin anew.

January Mantra
I welcome the unlimited possibilities before me.

Symbol of the Month
An ancient symbol of new beginnings, the lotus arises from the mud each day to burst into full bloom—a reminder for us to reach for our full potential, despite life's challenges.
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Gemstone for January
With captivating depth, the deep red garnet opens the heart to love, friendship, and guidance.
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