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Embrace the Magic: Nourishment for Your Soul Under the Goddess Moon

This month, we embrace nourishment that feeds our souls and awakens us to magic. Under the luminosity of the goddess moon, we emerge to reclaim our own radiance.

Spring arrives to call us forth from winter's darkness and invites us into the light. The inward journey we have taken during the past few months has led us to this moment: The opportunity to emerge, renewed and rested, awakened to the magic unfolding around us.

From the blooms fluttering in the spring sunlight to the constellations that arrive overhead to announce the season, magic is everywhere. We marvel at the greening of trees around us; we linger outdoors as the sun warms our skin. We raise our eyes to the goddess moon as she swells with light and illuminates our path.

The magic bestowed upon us from the Universe nourishes our souls and ignites our hearts and minds. What is it that nourishes you? Perhaps it's spring's bountiful beauty, or maybe it's the guidance of the goddess moon. Maybe it's time spent creating, or in the company of loved ones.

Nourishment is necessary for growth; it is what keeps us alive. What nourishment will you seek this season? What will you nourish yourself with to help you become your most vibrant self?

Whatever soul nourishment means to you, we hope you find it in abundance this month. May you awaken to the magic all around you, may your soul's longing be satiated by spring's remarkable bounty. May you find yourself giddy with the joy of being fully, beautifully alive.


Monthly Mantra

"I welcome nourishment from the Universe so I may grow into my most vibrant self."


Symbol: THE MOON

With her gentle glow and comforting presence, the goddess moon showers us with nourishment and protection as we journey through life's cycles. Like the phases of the moon, we experience moments of growth, release, and renewal, guided by her luminous guidance. Under her watchful gaze, we find solace and strength, knowing that she is always there to illuminate our path and offer us wisdom in times of darkness.


Gemstone: DIAMOND

Symbolizing clarity, abundance, and power, the diamond emerges as April's birthstone, offering us a beacon of light to navigate our path. Just as the diamond reflects and refracts light, we're encouraged to embody these qualities in our own lives, illuminating our journey with purpose and intention. As we embrace the energy of the diamond, we tap into its transformative power, manifesting abundance and clarity in all aspects of our lives.




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