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October Inspiration: Grounding

As we transition from summer's ease and warmth into the cooler, darker months of autumn, we greet this opportunity to honor all that we've gathered.

Autumn is a season of harvesting what we've manifested into existence; it is a time to go inward and reflect on the ebbs and flows of abundance and meagerness; of growth and stillness.
Now is the time for grounding to the earth, for going inward, for gratitude for all that we've manifested into existence.

What are you grateful for this season? What did you spend the warmer months of spring and summer ushering into being? As the night falls earlier and crisp breezes kiss your cheeks, what are you holding close...and what are you letting go of?

This month, take time to revel in autumn's grounding. Sit in the grass and feel your connection to the earth that sustains us. Nourish your body with the season's root vegetables and warming spices; nourish your soul by noticing how brilliant the stars are against the obsidian-colored sky.

Take time to appreciate the bounty of your spiritual harvest.

Mantra: I welcome this chance to go within; I am grounded, peaceful, and open.


Gemstone of the month: Tourmaline
Known for bestowing charity, peace, and abundance on its wearer, tourmaline captures the warmth and varied color of the autumn season.
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Symbol of the month: Hamsa
Revered throughout the world and across numerous religious traditions, the hamsa—or hand of protection—is an ancient talisman believed to offer protection against nefarious forces and negative energy.

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