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The Mystical Beauty of the Pendulum: What It Is and How to Use It


From horoscopes and Tarot cards to psychic readings and tea leaves, we’re drawn to the mystical realm for its mystery and the hope it offers us in times of uncertainty. Messages from our spirit guides can offer much needed inspiration, threads of hope, or even give us courage to help us change course in the desire to arrive at a more authentic destination. Much like these other forms of communication with the mysterious “beyond,” the pendulum acts as a compass on our journey to truth. Get to know the mystical beauty of the pendulum, and how it can help you manifest what you’re seeking.


Pictured Above: The Truthful Guidance Pendulum Necklace 


What is a pendulum?

A pendulum generally refers to a triangular shaped object connected to a chain. It can be used on its own or double as a necklace, but the important thing is that the object can swing back and forth easily from the chain when being used, and weighted in a way that creates smooth, definitive motion back and forth.

We’re partial to gemstones used in pendulums for the powerful energy they can harness and how they help us manifest the answers we’re seeking—like this pendulum necklace, which uses clear quartz, known for its clarity, harmony, and healing energy properties.

Pendulum Satya Jewelry  

Cleansing your pendulum

Like any gemstone or space that will involve energy work, it’s important to cleanse your pendulum before using it as a tool for communication. Performing a smudging ceremony by burning sage or leaving it out under the light of the full moon works to “cleanse” your pendulum of negative energy.


Getting quiet

Once your pendulum necklace is cleansed, it’s time to get quiet within yourself. Setting the tone for your pendulum session is an important step, as opening your mind, body, and spirit will help you receive the messages you’re seeking.

After you’ve found a quiet place to sit comfortably and get quiet, it’s time to ask your pendulum how it will communicate with you. Gently grasp the chain of the pendulum necklace between your thumb and index finger and hold it over the palm of your hand. Ask the pendulum to show you “yes.” Note the direction the pendulum swings in response (left to right, front to back, in a circle). Still the pendulum, then ask the pendulum to show you “no,” and then “not sure.” Again, notice the direction the pendulum swings for each answer. Now you’re ready to use your pendulum necklace to communicate with your spirit guides.


Using your pendulum

Sitting in your quiet space, go ahead and ask the pendulum questions  to which you already know the definitive answers. For instance, if you’re wearing a red shirt, ask the pendulum if you’re wearing a red shirt. This will help open the lines of communication with your pendulum, and get you acclimated for how it will answer.

Next, begin asking your pendulum the questions that brought you to this session. You can start with a broad question, such as “Will I get a new job?” and whittle down the details as you go. “Will the job be in the same field? Have I already applied for it? Will I be required to move?”

Keep in mind that there will be times when the pendulum indicates that it doesn’t have the answer, or it might not move at all. That’s ok! This is not an exact science, and sometimes, the outcomes are unknown—even to the energetic forces we lean on to provide us with answers.

When you are finished with your session, take a few deep breaths and thank your spirit guides for their wisdom, guidance and generosity.

Put your pendulum necklace away for safekeeping, or wear it as a personal totem to remind you that each step in your journey is one step closer to truth—a celebration of the mystical beauty we can discover, if only we are open to it.



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