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The Spiritual Meanings of Summer Birthstones

Human civilizations have associated birth months with certain gemstones for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers created an official list of birthstones that standardized the semi-precious stone associated with each month. Each gemstone carries its own spiritual significance.

Do you, or does someone close to you, have a birthday in June, July, or August? Learn more about the spiritual meanings behind summer birthstones with this guide from Satya Jewelry.

June: Pearl

The pearl symbolizes inner wisdom and healing. Pearls carry a sense of harmony and flowing water energy with them, as they are created in underwater environments when oysters are irritated by grains of sand.

Wearing pearls also encourages a sense of personal integrity and dedication to a cause. Many individuals with June birthdays are known for being generous and sincere.

July: Ruby

Ruby is a rich red stone that symbolizes health, wealth, and knowledge. Wearing symbolic jewelry with rubies also has a protective effect on the wearer and those close to them. The bold sun energy of the ruby brings good fortune to those who wear it.

If you have a July birthday, wear that ruby jewelry with pride; this gemstone is so special that the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan is said to have offered a whole city in exchange for a ruby.

August: Peridot

This bright green gemstone will not only connect you to your heart chakra, but it will improve your overall resilience and help you heal from unpleasant experiences. Peridot aids greatly in emotional healing and offers the wearer an opportunity to start fresh.

Wearing peridot jewelry helps you balance your overall emotional state and can even promote healthier sleep patterns. Its positive energy and bold green hue also bring cheer and delight to the wearer.

Have you always admired birthstone jewelry but didn’t know the meanings behind those precious stones before now? Use this guide to the symbolic meanings of summer birthstones to inspire you as you shop, either for yourself or for a loved one with an upcoming birthday.

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