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Why Does the Lotus Flower Represent Karma?

The concept of karma is central to many Asian traditions. Westerners often say, “What goes around comes around”—bringing good to the world around you will encourage good things to return to you. Conversely, giving off negative energy will carry that unpleasantness back in your direction.

The lotus flower is a common representation of karma, but why? Learn more about the elements of the lotus that underscore the importance of good karma.

The Seeds of Good Things

Lotuses are unique among flowers due in part to the way they carry and spread their seeds. The lotus is one of the few flowers that holds seeds inside as it blooms! The lotus bloom offers beauty to the world as its seeds spread across the water.

Likewise, giving positive energy to the world around you encourages more positive energy to flourish in your environment. Wear a lotus pendant to remind you to plant your own spiritual seeds.

Cause and Effect

The natural environment of the lotus is in water. Its seeds start their life cycles buried in mud at the bottom of the lake, yet this doesn’t affect its beauty.

No matter what your life circumstances are, you can decide to grow and transform just like the lotus. Make a conscious decision to bring positivity in your direction, and you’ll reap the rewards of that positivity returning to you.

Overcoming Negativity

When unpleasant things happen to you, you may feel tempted to lash out and spread that negativity. But remember your karma! Responding to despair with more gloom and doom will create a karmic loop that can be difficult to break.

The lotus flower grows through muddy water without getting bogged down in it. Continue your spiritual journey and combat cynicism with confidence. Your karma will bring even more positivity to your life.

Now you know why the lotus flower represents karma. We receive the energy we put out into the world. Gloom breeds more gloom, and optimism encourages positive vibrations to come your way. Ward off negativity with reminders of the lotus flower’s journey through dark waters. Break free of a bad karmic loop by focusing on positivity and light!

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