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A Guide to Chakra Colors and Their Spiritual Meanings

Your body’s chakras are powerful centers of spiritual energy that encourage balance and good emotional health when properly aligned. Each chakra relates to a part of the body with a unique color that can help you visualize the energy emanating from it. Many meditation devotees find it helpful to focus on that color as they align their chakras each day.

What are the spiritual meanings behind the chakra colors, though? Use this guide to help you picture each chakra, both individually and as a part of the whole. Pairing each chakra with its color can keep you focused as you balance your chakras through meditation.

Red: The Root Chakra

Your body’s chakra alignment begins at the root, or the base of your spine. Think of your root as a foundation for all the energies that follow it; your chakra meditation begins here. The root is home to your most basic physical and emotional needs, like health, safety, and security.

Brilliant red represents the root chakra, often actualized by a red gemstone like garnet or ruby. Red is visually stimulating and has the densest vibration of all the chakra colors; it acts as a warning and a reminder to place safety and security above all.

Orange: The Sacral Chakra

As you work your way up your spine, the seven chakras align on top of one another. Your sacral chakra sits directly above the root, right underneath your navel—where your gut feelings, sensuality, creativity, and compassion live.

Orange is a perfect color to represent the sacral chakra, as it is equal parts red (vitality and urgency) and yellow (strength and confidence). You feel confident in your body and connected to the world around you when your sacral chakra is in proper alignment. As you meditate on your sacral chakra, imagine it radiating warm orange light.

Yellow: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus chakra sits right above your belly and sacral chakra but directly underneath your heart. The solar plexus is a source of personal and intuitive power, and a balanced solar plexus chakra opens you up to success in personal and professional spheres.

Think of your solar plexus like your personal sun, emanating bright yellow energy like a lightbulb. Yellow represents intellect, confidence, and a strong sense of self. Meditate on that mental image as you balance your chakras, and your confidence will shine in turn.

Green: The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra acts as a bridge between the lower three chakras, associated with physical and emotional needs, and the upper three chakras which reign over spiritual and mental development. It is the very center of your being and a touchstone in all your relationships. The heart chakra is also your most powerful emotional center; when it falls out of alignment, you may feel turbulent and unsure when connecting with others.

Green, a color commonly associated with life and renewal, connects to the heart chakra by way of emotional health. As you align your chakras with one another, imagine your heart radiating an emerald-green light. With daily practice, you will feel renewed and strengthened in your relationships with others and with yourself.

Blue: The Throat Chakra

The next energy center in your body sits in the middle of your throat—appropriately called the throat chakra—and governs your ability to communicate and express yourself effectively. It is one of the most essential chakras to balance for overall well-being. However, it is also one of the most blocked chakras. Individuals with misaligned or blocked throat chakras often have trouble voicing concerns or standing up for themselves.

Blue commonly represents this chakra. It is a color that encourages sensitivity, wisdom, and an overall sense of calm. If you’re having trouble communicating with others in your life, imagine a cool blue light radiating from the center of your throat as you practice your chakra meditation. You can also lie down and place a blue stone, like turquoise or aquamarine, on your throat as you meditate.

Good To Know:

If you often find yourself at a loss for words, add a pair of chakra earrings to your daily ensemble. They hang near the throat chakra and act as a reminder to stay open and receptive.

Indigo: The Third Eye Chakra

You’ll discover your third eye chakra at the center of your forehead, right between your eyebrows. This energy center connects your intuition and inner vision to your perception of the world around you. The knowledge it holds is more esoteric and subconscious and is often responsible for vivid and meaningful dreams.

Indigo is an ideal color to represent the third eye chakra, as many associate the color with spiritual wisdom and the mystery of the night sky. Just as indigo sits right between blue and purple, the third eye acts as a bridge between your inner wisdom and your view of the world. Harness your intuition and keep it at the forefront of your mind by keeping your third eye aligned and unblocked.

Violet: The Crown Chakra

Your daily chakra balancing journey ends just above the top of your head, with the crown chakra. It’s not actually a part of your body the way the other six chakras are! It floats about two inches above your head and connects your physical body to your higher spiritual self.

The crown chakra is commonly associated with violet, though some meditation devotees visualize it as a brilliant white light. Violet has the highest vibrational energy of all the chakra colors and evokes a magical feeling when you meditate on it. Many associate shades of violet and purple with cosmic awareness and spiritual unity, making violet a perfect color to represent the crown chakra. No chakra meditation is complete without balancing each energy center from root to crown.

Visualizing the colors associated with each of the seven chakras is a highly immersive way to meditate on and align them. You can improve your meditative practice and experience better emotional health overall when you know the spiritual meanings of each chakra color. Keep this guide from Satya Jewelry handy as you familiarize yourself with each color, and wear chakra jewelry to remind you to stay aligned each day.

A Guide to Chakra Colors and Their Spiritual Meanings

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