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Time to Awaken: Inspiration for May

This month, we awaken: to beauty, joy, and the infinite power we hold to transform into our most authentic selves. Taking our cue from nature, we unfold to a new beginning, blooming into our full potential.

Like the lotus that arises from the mud each morning to bloom into full flower, spring awakens in us the desire to do the same. What has been dormant that is ready to emerge? Perhaps it's a new resolve to follow the dream we have been fearful of speaking into existence; maybe it's a joyful levity that has gotten silenced amidst the noise.

Transformation can be found in the smallest acts: a bud swelling on an otherwise bare branch; meditation dedicated to manifesting what we seek. What steps will you take this month to transform into who you want to be?

As the month of May begins, allow yourself to awaken to the possibility of transformation, to the beauty of the world around you, and to the opportunity to feel joy as you embark on a new beginning.


Embrace the essence of May with the vibrant energy of emerald, the exquisite birthstone that symbolizes growth, renewal, and vitality. As nature blooms and the world awakens to the warmth of spring, immerse yourself in the timeless allure of emerald.

Discover the profound wisdom and spiritual enlightenment that emerald embodies, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth. Let its soothing green hues connect you to the heart of Mother Earth, grounding you in a sense of harmony and balance.

Embrace the abundant blessings that emerald brings into your life, inviting prosperity, success, and abundance to flow effortlessly. As you adorn yourself with emerald jewelry, allow its radiant energy to awaken your spirit and attract infinite blessings and opportunities.

This May, celebrate your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with emerald, a precious gemstone that inspires wisdom, abundance, and mercy



Embracing the lotus as a symbol of new beginnings invites us to embrace change with an open heart and a sense of optimism. Just as the lotus blooms anew with each passing day, we too can harness the power of transformation to create a life filled with beauty, purpose, and infinite possibility.

So let us honor the sacred journey of the lotus, celebrating its timeless wisdom and eternal beauty as we embark on our own path of growth, renewal, and new beginnings.


May's Mantra:
I awaken to possibility; I am ready to transform.

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