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Behind the Collection: New Chakra Styles

As we settle into this new year we are reminded to take a breath and be reminded of our souls alignment. The new Chakra Collection was inspired by the special source of your personal power. Support the chakra flows, with styles that align these sacred energy centers, uplift your spirit and remind you to soar—from wherever you are. 


pictured: Continuous Energy Chakra Necklace

From the ancient Sanskrit language, “chakra” means “wheel,” and is used to describe the seven sacred energy centers that exist within each of us. These chakras govern the ebb and flow of our vital life force –most vibrant when we are aligned in mind, body, and spirit–throughout the body, and they are believed to originate in early Buddhism and Hinduism. When our chakras are out of balance, or out of alignment, we may experience blocked energy that manifests physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


pictured: Sacred Sequence Chakra Earring, Crown Chakra Mini Hoop Earring

With healing gemstones and colors to support each chakra, these new styles deliver high vibrations.




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