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December Inspiration: ENCHANTMENT

The twinkle of lights, the flickering of candles, the joy of watching a loved one unwrap a meaningful gift: December is the month of enchantment. In the warmth of an embrace, the shared laughter with friends, and the kindness extended to strangers, the enchantment of the holidays is found in our common humanity--and the delight we take in making each other happy.

Somehow, even the smallest gestures take on greater meaning in December. Perhaps it's the business of the season that makes a gracious smile or a door held open feel like an act of kindness--or maybe it's the human connection these simple acts elicit.

We take pride in discovering a meaningful gift that awakens magic in its recipient, in knowing our loved one feels seen and cherished because of something we chose for them. We find joy in the act of giving because it opens our hearts to love. We allow ourselves to be awed by lights and music and the abundance of blessings in our lives.

This December, we hope you are enchanted by small moments of connection and magic. However you mark the season, we hope you are warm and safe, and surrounded by those who make your heart swell with gratitude.

Inspired by the heavenly bodies that govern our lives, celestial styles evoke guidance, protection, and dreams--an invitation to let our souls soar.
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Gemstone for December
With its grounding blue hue, turquoise supports health, intuition, and self-expression in its wearer.
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More enchanting gifts to awaken magic this holiday

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