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Gemstones That Are Associated With Mindfulness

Many of the gemstones featured in the stunning pieces offered by Satya Jewelry hold special spiritual meanings. They are more than just beautiful to look at—they are powerful symbols of mindfulness and healing. Read more about a few gemstones that are associated with mindfulness, and choose one that resonates with your spiritual journey.


Think about the hard work and concentration that goes into an oyster’s creation of a pearl. With sufficient time, an irritating grain of sand is coated in a beautiful iridescent material and transformed into something new and positive.

Your daily mindfulness practice can work in a similar way, transforming sources of pain and irritation into a precious new outlook. Try wearing a gold lotus flower necklace that incorporates a pearl into the design for heightened focus on that transformation.


This eye-catching blue-green gemstone is commonly associated with inner peace and overall well-being—a perfect gemstone to incorporate into mindfulness.

Turquoise also encourages truth and compassion. As you go forward on your spiritual journey, you’ll find it more difficult to lie to yourself, and you’ll approach interpersonal relationships with an open heart.


Many meditation devotees incorporate labradorite into their mindfulness practices as it heightens intuition and encourages bravery. When you meditate, you may find unpleasant or triggering thoughts drifting into your mind. Labradorite encourages you not to suppress those thoughts but to face them, acknowledge them, and move on.


If you find yourself more stressed out than usual, or if you feel particularly vulnerable, incorporate onyx into your mindfulness. When you wear onyx gemstone jewelry, you’ll feel your stress melt away and bring your focus back to meditation.

Onyx is also associated with balance and wisdom. Your daily mindfulness will benefit greatly from the inclusion of onyx gemstones or jewelry.

Are you looking for a boost in your daily mindfulness meditation? Try incorporating one or more of these gemstones commonly associated with the practice. All of the pieces at Satya Jewelry hold more meaning than meets the eye, and our gemstone jewelry adds more power to your daily meditation.

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