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How Spiritual Jewelry Can Manifest Good Luck

Each spiritual symbol and gemstone in the Satya Jewelry collection holds a deeper meaning that can enhance the wearer’s life in a variety of ways. Many of the spiritual talismans you’ll find are created with luck and good fortune in mind.

How can you manifest good luck with spiritual jewelry? Learn more about the stones and symbols commonly associated with luck, and maintain a positive outlook as you wear those charms every day. Good fortune isn’t simply a matter of wearing the right jewelry; you must engage your mind in the deeper meaning of those symbols as you wear them.


You may not immediately associate elephants with the arrival of good fortune, but the people of Thailand and India certainly do. For centuries, the elephant has been a symbol of strength, wisdom, and good luck for many Asian cultures. The elephant is especially lucky when its trunk is facing up, and shop owners in many parts of Asia keep elephant statues facing the front door.

Wear an elephant necklace or charm when you need a change in fortune. Elephant jewelry adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit and encourages positive thinking.


Aventurine is a stone that has long been associated with prosperity and wealth. It’s found in parts of the world with plenty of natural energy, like India, Chile, and the jungles of the Amazon. Wearing aventurine jewelry can bring wealth and fortune into your life, especially if you set an intention before you put it on.

There are a few different varieties of aventurine, each with its own meaning:

Green Aventurine

Commonly called the money stone, green aventurine is strongly associated with wealth and good fortune. It encourages openness and clarity of mind in those who wear it. If you are changing jobs or starting an exciting new business venture, green aventurine jewelry can draw lucky energy your way.

Blue Aventurine

Less associated with financial prosperity and more attuned to spiritual clarity, blue aventurine opens your eyes to the positive opportunities around you. Pair blue aventurine with other lucky symbols to clear a spiritual path for luck to come to you.

Red Aventurine

The mystical, almost magical properties of red aventurine are strong forces of good luck. Wear red aventurine to boost your prana, or the life force that moves through you. Red aventurine jewelry aids in manifesting your intentions, so if you’re spiritually ready for lots of good luck to come your way, this is the stone for you.

Evil Eye

The evil eye is one of the most common spiritual symbols to appear in jewelry, as it’s a powerful talisman for warding off unkind or jealous glances. This symbol pulls double duty in protecting you against negative energy while drawing positivity in your direction.

Incorporate evil eye jewelry into your everyday outfits for both powerful protection and a reminder of good things to come. Lucky circumstances will come your way when you’re guarded against negativity and the evil thoughts of others.


The hamsa is such an important symbol to so many cultures around the world that it goes by many names. Muslim adherents call it the Hand of Fatima, while Jewish individuals call it the Hand of Miriam. The Christians who choose to wear it call it the Hand of Mother Mary.

Regardless of what you call it, the hamsa is a versatile symbol and can hold different meanings depending on how you wear or display it. With the fingers facing downward, the hamsa opens you up to the goodness of the universe and draws prosperity and luck in your direction. If you wear it with the fingers facing upward, it becomes a protective talisman against evil and misfortune.


This deep red stone has enchanted spiritual individuals for centuries. Its color and luster are reminiscent of pomegranate seeds, which are a common good luck symbol in Turkish and Greek cultures. Garnet inspires courage in those who wear it and emboldens them to seek out circumstances that will bring good fortune.

Garnet jewelry is especially effective in bringing good luck to travelers and businesspeople. If you are entering a new chapter in life or looking to make positive connections with new associates, garnet jewelry can help you manifest good luck.


Jade is most known for its many shades of green, and just like a four-leaf clover, it’s long been known to bring good luck to those who wear it. Whether you wear jade on a necklace or as a charm on a bracelet, it will protect you from harm and encourage positive energy to flow in your direction.

If you are seeking financial prosperity in addition to overall good luck, wearing jade jewelry will help you attain both goals. It’s a stone of harmony, good health, and achievement of goals.

Good To Know:

If you’ve heard that buying jade jewelry for yourself is an omen of bad luck, rest assured that it’s a misconception. There is nothing wrong or unlucky about treating yourself to this stone of prosperity.


Bring health, wealth, and prosperity your way with the help of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Often depicted sitting on a lotus flower with her four arms outstretched, Lakshmi is the patroness of power, wealth, fertility, and good luck. Each of her arms represents a spiritual goal in Hinduism:

  • Dharma: religious and moral good conduct
  • Karma: actions that determine spiritual fortune
  • Artha: the pursuit of honest wealth and prosperity
  • Moksha: the transcendence associated with death and rebirth

Bringing Lakshmi into your spiritual practice shouldn’t begin and end with wearing meaningful jewelry with her likeness. While you are wearing her as a talisman, you must also act in a virtuous and ethical manner. Work toward prosperity in an honest and straightforward way, and Lakshmi will reward you with lucky circumstances.

Are you looking to bring luck and prosperity your way? Use spiritual jewelry to manifest good luck by wearing each piece with intention. Whether you choose a spiritual symbol, a meaningful gemstone, or a combination of both, thoughtfully wearing those talismans will draw positivity in your direction.

How Spiritual Jewelry Can Manifest Good Luck

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