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Inspiration from Satya: Embrace Joy

This month, we're drawing inspiration from sun-soaked days that stretch into starlit nights, gemstones that reflect summer's beauty, and symbols that signify a lighter, brighter spirit. Join us as we cast off the burdens of months past, welcome the spontaneity of the season—and embrace joy at every turn.

Gemstone of the month June Pearls

Symbolizes beauty, foresight and innocence

Like the coarse grain of sand from which it is formed, pearls remind us that from times of trial, radiant beauty is possible. Pearls are purported to clarify thoughts during moments of decision. 





Sun symbol

Add an instant boost of energy with the sun, symbol of leadership and vital life force.

For thousands of years, the sun has been a revered symbol across cultures, playing an important role in our shared stories and capturing the essence of the life cycle. Whether used to depict the passage of time, to mark life or death, or to symbolism royalty and power, the sun remains a guiding force even today. Signifying vitality and leadership, the sun blesses us with illumination and warmth, calling us to turn our faces to the light.


Here comes the sun necklaces



 Satya's picks for june

"As summer draws near, I am drawn to colorful pieces that bring me joy, from layered bracelets and necklaces to wearing varying hues of tranquil tourmaline. "


Peace and Protection Choker NecklaceSerene Journey Bracelet SetBlessings of Tranquility Necklace



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