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Inspiration from Satya: GUIDANCE

This month, we open ourselves to receive the wisdom of the Universe. We find it in August's lazy rhythm, gently beckoning us to slow down; in the smattering of stars overhead that reminds us to dream; in the moments of unexpected joy that crack our hearts open with love. When we are guided by the all-knowing Universe, we are guided home to our most authentic selves.

Take a moment to consider when you last felt truly at home within your mind, body, and spirit. Do you need to come back to yourself? Now is the time. As summer drifts into August, let your highest commitment be to you: Trust the divine guidance of the Universe and its wisdom to lead you to your truth. Ask your spirit guides to accompany you on your journey; say a prayer of gratitude for the abundant blessings of the Universe.

May this month guide you toward whatever your heart is seeking.

August Mantra :
I open myself to divine guidance. I trust the Universe to lead the way.

August Gemstone: PERIDOT
Cherished as the stone of friendship and happiness, peridot encourages alignment and harmony.


August Symbol: ZODIAC
Dating back to the ancient Babylonians, the zodiac uses the constellation under which you were born to reflect personality traits and serves as a map of what the future holds—a reminder that we are governed by the stars.


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