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March Inspiration: renewal

This month, we welcome renewal. From the slow thaw of the earth beneath our feet to the fluttering of hope in our chests, the promise of renewal comes to us on a late winter breeze, carrying us toward spring's light.

What brings you a sense of renewal? Perhaps it's a quiet morning meditation or time spent laughing with loved ones; maybe it's the first verdant buds of spring appearing on the branches of the tree outside your window. However you experience that sense of coming back to yourself, let its spark carry you through the remaining days of winter.

When we honor the practices that leave us feeling whole once more, when we allow inspiration to expand in our chests and to color the world around us, we are saying "Yes!" to the beauty of the Universe, and our sacred place in it.

This month, rejoice in renewal wherever it is presented, and let your soul follow its lead. Like a songbird greeting the new day, our spirits are ready to take flight once more.


"In this moment of tranquility, I am renewed."


Hindu God Ganesha 
Ganesha, also known as Ganesh or Ganapathi, is the elephant-headed Hindu deity who is the remover of obstacles and the giver of success for new pursuits or auspicious beginnings.

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Gemstone of March - 

Beloved for its ability to bring about tranquility, aquamarine imbues its wearer with courage and peace.


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