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October's Inspiration: HARMONY

October's Mantra:
"I walk in harmony with the world around me. When I am at peace with myself, I am at peace with others."

A shift in the breeze, and the fall season is upon us: Brilliant blue skies slip to shades of ochre before the stars announce their presence. Autumn is a time of harmony, of coming into balance. Warm days fade into cool nights; a bountiful harvest is reaped after the efforts of our summer plantings. This month, we seek tranquility in the natural world and amicability with others around us.

How will you define harmony this month? Perhaps it’s the balance between doing for yourself all that you do for others; maybe it’s honoring your spiritual practice as often as you go the extra mile for work. Or perhaps it means going for a walk and taking in fall’s beauty after many hours on the computer. When we are in harmony with the world around us, we can become more present, more open, and more compassionate to strangers and loved ones alike.

Harmony can mean aligning our goals with our innate talents, or it can mean bringing our body into agreement with our mind and spirit. It may take some effort to achieve harmony, but with mindful focus, harmony can uplift our spirits and propel us forward on our journey to truth.

However you define harmony, allow yourself to revel in the journey it takes you to achieve it. Seek personal talismans to remind you to walk in harmony with the world around you; take a few moments to notice when you feel most at home in yourself, and in the world. Where harmony exists, peace will follow.


As we embrace the essence of harmony this season, one symbolic and beautiful way to connect with this concept is through the allure of tourmaline jewelry. Tourmaline, a gemstone known for its stunning variety of colors, is often associated with balance and tranquility. Just like the changing hues of autumn leaves, tourmaline's vibrant spectrum of colors resonates with the shifting energies of the season. Wearing tourmaline jewelry can serve as a tangible reminder of our quest for harmony, mirroring the natural world's transition from warmth to coolness and the peaceful coexistence of opposites.

Tourmaline's inherent qualities further align with the pursuit of harmony. This gemstone is believed to possess grounding properties that help bring stability to our emotions and thoughts, fostering a sense of inner balance. By adorning oneself with tourmaline jewelry, individuals may enhance their connection to the natural cycles of life, enabling them to navigate the ebb and flow of daily existence with grace.

Moreover, tourmaline's multifaceted beauty reflects the diversity of experiences and emotions that make up our lives. Just as the hamsa symbol represents protection and warding off negative energies, tourmaline can be seen as a protective talisman, safeguarding our inner peace and helping us maintain harmony in the face of life's challenges. Wearing tourmaline jewelry alongside the hamsa symbol can create a powerful synergy, reminding us to stay centered and harmonious as we journey through the season of change and balance. These two symbols, intertwined, serve as a visual and spiritual guide to embrace harmony, protect our inner tranquility, and radiate positivity to those around us.

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