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What Are the Best Types of Jewelry for Virgo?

Individuals born under different zodiac signs have varying tastes and personalities. While your Pisces friend may be sensitive and in touch with their emotions, a Virgo is practical, methodical, and sympathetic to others’ needs. Which types of jewelry are best for a Virgo?

Get inspired by this guide from Satya Jewelry and embrace that celestial heritage, whether you’re buying a gift for a friend or a talisman for yourself.

Natural Shades of Green and Brown

Virgos are known for their strong grounding in physical reality. They prefer practical solutions and styles without too much fuss. Harness the energy of the zodiac power colors associated with Virgo: green and brown.

Consider sliding on a ring that features gemstones like jade, chrysoprase, or peridot. A smokey quartz bracelet or mala are both meaningful and practical for the Virgo who prefers earth tones.


Because Virgo encompasses the overlap between August and September, two birthstones align with this sign: peridot for August, and sapphire for September. Incorporate one or both gemstones into a jewelry gift for yourself or a loved one.

Celestial Jewelry

Harness the spiritual symbolism of the Virgo constellation itself! This cluster of stars is not always visible to us, but a constellation necklace will help the wearer carry their celestial heritage with them. Astrologers associate Virgo with Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and harvest; just like their patroness, Virgos are sensible and practical.

Sleek and Minimalist Looks

Because Virgos are pragmatic and solution-oriented, they often prefer streamlined jewelry over attention-grabbing statement pieces. A gold necklace with a single charm or a pair of gemstone studs will please a Virgo without going over the top.

Rest assured that there’s no single correct answer if you’ve ever wondered what the best types of jewelry for Virgos are. Browse Satya Jewelry’s collection of birthstone and zodiac jewelry for a touch of celestial inspiration as you shop for the special Virgo in your life.

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