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What Kind of Jewelry Should Libras Wear?

If you or your loved one were born between September 23 and October 22, you fall under the Libra zodiac sign, represented by a set of scales. Libras are known for their charming and inquisitive nature, and they seek balance and justice in their lives.

What types of jewelry should Libras wear to remind themselves of their quest for harmony and their celestial connections? Satya’s guide to Libra-friendly spiritual jewelry will help you get started.

Libra Birthstones

The two birthstones that fall under Libra’s purview are sapphire (for September) and opal (for October). The deep blue of the sapphire is reminiscent of tranquil water and natural harmony. Meanwhile, the rainbow tones tucked away in the opal fascinate a Libra who seeks hidden meaning in their life.

Symmetrical Pieces

Because Libras prioritize balance and harmony in their lives, consider giving the Libra in your life jewelry pieces with a symmetrical flair. Earrings are a lovely way to encourage that balance, as they bring both sides of the wearer’s face into equal proportion. Choose a simple pair of gemstone studs or a set of refined drop earrings to promote balance without too much flash.

Sleek Gold Jewelry

Libras are known for their classic and elegant tastes; they’re unique without grabbing too much attention. A simple yet striking gold piece, like a gold lotus flower necklace that features a pendant with spiritual significance, is a perfect addition to their ensemble.

Top Tip:

The symmetrical petals of the lotus flower promote the harmony that Libras are always chasing. Plus, the lotus is a symbol of resilience and strength—if the Libra in your life is struggling, give them a gift that encourages and uplifts them.

Constellation Jewelry

The Libra constellation appears in the sky as a set of scales. When it’s not visible in the sky, encourage your favorite Libra to carry that constellation design with them in a piece of everyday jewelry. A celestially inspired pendant or charm will remind them to keep their life balanced.

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or for yourself, these types of jewelry Libras should wear will find a home in any Libra’s jewelry box. Satya’s collections of constellation jewelry and spiritually significant pieces will remind Libras to seek harmony and equilibrium in all areas of life.

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