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Revered in numerous Eastern traditions as a sacred symbol, the lotus flower roots itself in mud and submerges in water nightly, only to burst into bloom each morning as the sun appears over the horizon. The lotus is often used to represent personal growth and renewal in your life. Along with a lotus flower pendant, many of our pieces feature healing and meaningful gemstones. Wear a gold flower lotus necklace or other lotus flower jewelry to represent your new beginnings and the bright future that’s just ahead in your life. Shop our collection of lotus-inspired necklaces, bracelets and earrings for spiritual renewal.

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Tarot Jewelry

Tap into the wisdom of the sacred tarot with the Satya Jewelry collection of tarot jewelry. Tarot cards have been an insightful source of divination for centuries, bringing wisdom and energy to those who seek guidance and clarity in their lives.

The Satya Jewelry tarot jewelry collection is based upon the Major Arcana, which encompasses the foundational and most powerful cards in the tarot deck. Every piece of tarot jewelry is designed in 18kt gold plate and richly detailed with symbolism. The tarot jewelry collection includes the intuitive High Priestess and Moon symbols; the positive vibrations of the Sun, the hopeful faith of the Star and the divine Empress, who represents motherhood, creation and new opportunities.

Satya Jewelry’s tarot jewelry serves as a reminder of your connection to spiritual forces. Shop our collection of tarot necklaces today. Choose the tarot jewelry that resonates with your soul; then, let the universe be your guide.

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The Chakra Jewelry Collection

The chakras, or energy points, that exist within each of us, guide us as we come into our spiritual power. Derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, the term chakra means "wheels." These seven energy points help govern the flow of our vital life force, and each one must align in the body for spiritual balance. When we are balanced in our chakras, our energy is in alignment. The Chakra Jewelry Collection features our chakra jewelry and is an assortment of chakra earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and malas that deliver powerful mantras and inspiration. Shop our chakra jewelry for spiritual balance and alignment.

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Mandala Jewelry

Satya Jewelry’s mandala jewelry collection is an homage to the divine connection between the sacred self and the all-knowing Universe.

Mandala, or “circle” in Sanskrit, is both a spiritual ritual and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. The circular designs represent the Universe, the infinite cycle and sacred connection of all things. The mandala can be used to focus attention and is an honored spiritual guidance tool for practitioners. Mandala necklaces, bracelets or earrings are all a reminder of your spiritual center.

Our mandala jewelry collection includes our best-selling mandala necklaces, birthstone necklaces, bracelets of healing gemstones and symbolic earrings. Choose the mandala jewelry that speaks to you and allows you to breathe deeply and meditate on the connectedness of all things.

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The Evil Eye Jewelry Collection

The evil eye—or eye of protection—has roots in ancient Greece and Rome, but is found across religious traditions across the world, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam,  Buddhism and Hinduism. Evil eye jewelry is believed to protect its wearer from harm caused by a malicious glare, and to keep negative energy at bay so you can safely walk your journey and fulfill your dreams. Our evil eye jewelry comes in many styles, and many of our third eye jewelry pieces are made with healing gemstones, such as blue topaz and amazonite. Shop necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets inspired by the all-seeing eye.

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Hamsa Jewelry

The hamsa—or hand of protection—is an ancient talisman dating back to Mesopotamia and is revered throughout the world for its protection against nefarious forces and negative energy. In the Jewish tradition, the hand of protection represents the hand of God and may be referred to as “the hand of Miriam;” Muslims may call it “the hand of Fatima.” Adherents to many different faiths and spiritual traditions wear hamsa jewelry as a protective measure against negativity and ill thoughts.

Tap into the positivity, prosperity and blessings of hamsa jewelry with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings inspired by this sacred symbol. Wear a hamsa charm to keep your spirit shielded from harmful thoughts and energies. Satya’s Jewelry’s hamsa jewelry collection is crafted from precious metals and healing gemstones and carefully wrought by artisan jewelers to provide the wearer with divine protection.

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Ganesha Jewelry

A sacred Hindu Deity, Ganesha is beloved as a remover of obstacles. With Satya Jewelry’s Ganesha jewelry collection, you’ll feel empowered, inspired and encouraged to bring your dreams to fruition. Wearing a Ganesha necklace acts as a reminder to seek out wisdom and higher enlightenment every day.

Satya Jewelry’s Ganesha collection includes necklaces, bracelets, charms, and mala beads for meditation. Select a Ganesha piece to remind yourself that any roadblocks in your life are only temporary. Ganesha will bring you good fortune and sweep away the obstacles in your path.

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The Sun Jewelry Collection

For thousands of years, the sun has been a revered symbol across cultures and nations. Our sun necklaces, bracelets and earrings represent the beauty and many meanings behind this ancient and universal talisman. Whether used to depict the passage of time, to signify life or to symbolize royalty and power, the sun remains a guiding force for us even today. Representing vitality and leadership, our unique sun jewelry embodies how the sun blesses us with illumination and warmth. Discover our collection of sun necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by this powerful symbol.

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The Moon Jewelry Collection

Embrace your inner goddess with a moon ring, necklace, bracelet and earrings that are inspired by the “Grandmother Moon.” Often associated with the Divine Feminine, "Grandmother Moon" guides our unique journeys with her nurturing wisdom, inviting us to ignite our intuition and explore our goddess energy within ourselves. Just as the ever-changing moon governs the pull of the tides, we are inspired by her phases—an invitation to follow the ebbs and flows of our own personal evolution throughout our lives. Shop for a moon necklace, a ring or our other moon jewelry to represent your personal evolution every day.

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Star Jewelry

Allow star necklaces, bracelets and earrings to lead the way. From eternal compasses that guide our lives to keepers of our most sacred wishes, stars hold magic for the eyes that gaze upon them. Ask for celestial guidance with the Satya Jewelry star jewelry collection. Choose the piece that resonates with you, and allow the wisdom of the skies to illuminate your path.

In astrology, stars make up the constellations of the zodiac, foretelling what lies ahead on our individual journeys. Often a symbol of guidance, stars are also associated with divine energy as we walk our paths to truth. Explore the Satya Jewelry star jewelry collection today. May it remind you of your sacred connection to the Universe.

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Sacred Deity Jewelry

The word “deity” is derived from the Latin word “deus,” or “god.” Revered and worshipped by different cultures and religions around the world, deities are supernatural beings—often depicted as gods and goddesses—who possess power to govern our lives. These deities guide us on our spiritual path and encourage love, intuition and inner peace in those who seek their divine guidance. Deities are represented by sacred symbols that are recognized worldwide.

The Satya Jewelry collection honors these divine beings with deity jewelry depicting sacred symbols. Healing gemstones adorn many deity necklaces and bracelets, strengthening their power and influence. Choose the deity jewelry that speaks to you—it will serve as a reminder of sacred devotion, love and respect for the divine.

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