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Lotus Birthstone Locket Collection

To honor the beauty and hope found in beginning anew, Satya Jewelry introduces the Lotus Birthstone Locket Collection, gleaming 18kt gold plate necklaces engraved with the lotus flower, ancient symbol of new beginnings and full potential. Each piece reflects the birth month of its wearer with a faceted birthstone—a celebration of our unique place in the Universe—and delicately engraved lotus flowers. The fully functioning oval locket allows for meaningful personalization; by carrying close to our hearts a photo of a beloved, an intention, or a secret touchstone, we embark upon our new journey with inspiration. We are accompanied by hope, uplifted by purpose, and above all, guided by love.


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Whether you’re seeking prosperity, protection, or the magic of a new beginning, talismans can be used to help manifest whatever your soul is seeking. Discover which talisman best represents your journey with this Talisman Quiz, then choose the styles that call to your spirit. 



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