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Zodiac Sign Jewelry | The Zodiac Tablet Collection

Against a golden expanse of sky, glimmering stars create a personalized map —a timeless route by which we chart our lives. This is the Zodiac Tablet Collection. 

Satya Jewelry has created a collection of zodiac sign jewelry that sets your birthstone in the constellation corresponding with your sign. These tablet necklaces are plated in 18-karat gold for a distinctive, long-lasting shine. Wear a piece of this zodiac fine jewelry every day to remind yourself of your unique place in the universe.

Whether you are giving a piece of zodiac constellation jewelry as a gift to a loved one or bestowing that gift upon yourself, shop Satya’s Zodiac Tablet Collection today. Each piece of zodiac sign jewelry is crafted with care and imbued with meanings and vibrations inspired by the heavens above.

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With each purchase you make, the Satya Foundation will provide one day’s worth of shelter, education, healthcare, clothing and food to a child in India. Together, we can empower children to reach their full potential.

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