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Turquoise Stone Jewelry

One of the first gemstones known to man, Turquoise was discovered in ancient Egypt over 7,000 years ago. Also known as the December birthstone, Turquoise helps promote healing, health, intuition and self expression. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your various responsibilities in life, incorporate a piece of turquoise into your meditative practice and your everyday wardrobe. A piece of gold and turquoise jewelry will not only elevate your look visually, but it will help you feel more connected to your spiritual self.

Shop Satya’s turquoise stone jewelry offerings and discover our collection of turquoise necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and malas. Our turquoise bracelets incorporate spiritual symbols and charms that will remind you of your constant meditative journey. If you use prayer beads in your spiritual practice, hold onto a turquoise mala that will restore a sense of calm in your mind.

For turquoise stone jewelry that is as visually appealing as it is spiritually compelling, shop Satya’s Turquoise collection today.

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