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4 Symbols You Can Pair With the Evil Eye

When you wear symbolic jewelry for its spiritual benefits, you don’t need to confine yourself to a single symbol. Combining different symbols in your everyday jewelry can actually augment their energetic powers and provide increased peace and protection. If you wear evil eye jewelry as part of your everyday look, here are a few symbols you can pair with it.

Tree of Life

While the evil eye is a symbol of protection, the tree of life is one of inspiration. The branches and roots of the tree encourage wearers to remain aware of their connection to the earth below them and the heavens above. Wear a tree of life charm or symbol with your eye of protection jewelry to stay safe and protected as you work toward your dreams.


The hamsa is an ancient symbol revered by scores of cultural groups and religious adherents, and its open palm offers protection—in fact, many depictions of the hamsa incorporate the eye of protection on that palm. Both symbols trace their origins to ancient Mesopotamian culture, and wearing them together removes negativity and danger from the path ahead of you.

Good To Know:

The hamsa has different meanings depending on how you wear it. With the fingers pointing upward, it asks the divine for extra protection; facing downward, it draws good fortune in your direction.

The Seven Chakras

If you’re already familiar with chakras, you know that those seven colored stones represent the complex system of energies that governs your body. Wearing chakra jewelry reminds you to keep those energies balanced and aligned. Wearing evil eye jewelry when your chakras are aligned boosts your overall protection because your mind, body, and spirit are strong enough to face negativity.

Lotus Flower

The lotus is a time-honored natural symbol of transformation, regeneration, and new beginnings. Wearing lotus jewelry can help remind you to grow and heal from unpleasant experiences as you move toward newer and better things. Wear the eye of protection with your lotus jewelry to stay shielded from the jealous energy of others as you improve yourself.

If your life and your spiritual outlook have improved with the addition of evil eye jewelry, consider augmenting its power by pairing it with other symbols. These four spiritual symbols are known to enhance the evil eye’s work and improve your defenses against jealousy and negativity.

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