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4 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

The month of love is here: February has arrived, bringing with it the warmth of Valentine’s Day to break up the doldrums of winter. This year, we’re celebrating the month of love with a focus on self-love—where every journey of the heart and soul begins. Self-love sets the standard by which you’re able to receive love and give it back in return; it signifies to the Universe that you are ready to be loved as you deserve. Showing yourself some love needn’t be a complicated undertaking. We’ve compiled our four favorite ways to cultivate self-love this month—one for every #SelfLoveSunday in February—and we think you may just get used to being treated so well. Happy love month, indeed!

1. Take a Yoga Class
Carving out time to breathe deeply and tap into your unique power is one of the easiest ways to cultivate self-love. Whether it’s your first time on the mat or yoga is a regular practice for you, allocating this time signifies to you—and the Universe—that you’re putting yourself and your health (physical, spiritual and emotional) first. Feel your body move and say a prayer of gratitude to it for supporting you, for moving you, for allowing you to be present here, now. You are exactly as, and where, you should be.


2. Buy Yourself Flowers
Whether you hit the farmer’s market in your neighborhood, patronize the local florist or reach for that bodega bouquet, fresh flowers are Mother Nature’s pick-me-up. The abundant beauty of the Universe exists in a single stem! Treating yourself to flowers feels like an indulgence—and it’s certain to feel like an act of self-love. Display them wherever they’re sure to spark the most joy, and don’t be afraid to get creative: Flowers in the bathroom can make your everyday routine feel like a day at the spa.

3. Take a Bath (Or an Indulgent Shower!)
Self-love looks different to everyone, but soaking in a warm bath tops our list. Feeling the tension of the day slip away, burning candles or reading quietly while submerged in water is, for us, a recipe for soothing comfort. Adding epsom salts to relieve sore muscles or nourishing oils to hydrate winter skin ups the self-love ante. No bathtub? No problem! We love sprinkling a few drops of our favorite essential oils around the drain to inhale as the warm water and steam release their healing properties. Add an exfoliating body scrub to slough off dry skin and reveal a glowing, radiant you.


4. Take Yourself to Dinner Or Brunch
If you read that and panicked, you’re not alone. Dining out solo can seem daunting, but once you get the hang of it, you may want to make it a habit! We love sitting at the bar and ordering; intermittent chatter with the bartender or fellow patrons can spark your adventurous spirit, while the mere act of ordering for yourself—and thereby nourishing your body—is a beautiful act of self-love. Feel free to bring along a book or a journal if you’re not comfortable engaging in small talk with strangers, or want to nurture your creativity. Want to challenge yourself to a more advanced version of this self-love step? You get bonus points if you resist the distraction of your phone and try to be fully present during this meal you’ve chosen for yourself. Bon appetite!


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