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5 Creative Ways To Wear Your Celestial Jewelry

The night sky is dotted with millions of powerful sources of light, power, and energy. Harness some of that energy for yourself with jewelry inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. If you’re looking for creative ways to wear celestial-inspired jewelry, read on for Satya Jewelry’s comprehensive guide.

Layer Up

Incorporate your heavenly jewelry alongside your other favorite pieces! Wear three (or more) thin necklaces of varying lengths, alternating metals and gemstones if you wish. This way, you can wear all the meaningful jewelry your heart desires.

Make a Statement

Do you have a favorite piece of celestial jewelry? Make it the centerpiece of your wardrobe. Slide a moon ring onto your finger or wear a sun pendant around your neck. Tone down the rest of your outfit to draw people’s eyes to your jewelry.

Choose a Focus

Do you prefer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings? Go for a piece of celestial-inspired jewelry that you’ll wear every day. A pair of starry earrings or a bold moon necklace will be right at home as your go-to jewelry piece.

Mix Motifs

Bring the power of the entire sky to your daily routine by incorporating the moon, sun, and stars. Wear a variety of celestial charms and motifs, and soon you’ll think of the heavens every time you get dressed. Layer necklaces that remind you of the sun and moon, and accessorize with stars in 18kt gold plate or sterling silver.

Be Charming!

If you’ve got a charm bracelet, why not add a few charms that remind you to look to the sky? Add twinkly star-inspired charms or moon motifs in between the rest of your charms to add celestial flair to the piece you wear every day.

If you want to wear celestial jewelry but aren’t sure where to start, use these creative tips to accessorize. Whether you look to the heavens every day or are just getting started on your spiritual journey, jewelry can serve as a compelling reminder of the stars above.

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