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5 Interesting Facts About the Lotus Flower

Every night, the lotus flower submerges in water, then bursts into bloom with the light from the morning sun. Due to this inspiring phenomenon, many cultures use a lotus flower to symbolize new beginnings and spiritual renewal. Continue reading to learn more interesting facts about the lotus flower and how it impacts our daily lives. 

1. It Is a Symbol of New Beginnings and Life

Many cultures around the world use lotus flowers to represent new beginnings and infinite possibilities. Just as the lotus submerges nightly and reappears with the sun, we also have the ability to overcome life’s challenges and begin anew. Our lotus flower jewelry embodies this belief and encourages us to find our beautiful new beginnings.

2. It Is Both Beautiful and Beneficial To the World

Though they are very beautiful, lotus flowers are much more than colorful plants. They play a vital role in the surrounding ecosystem. In aquatic environments, lotus flowers grow above the water, creating shade that keeps the water at cool temperatures.

3. It Has Deep Roots in Ancient Egyptian Culture

Throughout ancient history, we often see references to the lotus flower and its symbolic importance. In Ancient Egypt, a lotus flower was used to symbolize creation and rebirth. It was also used as a symbol of the sun because it goes beneath the water at dusk and reappears to light the sky in the morning too.

4. Importance of the Lotus Flower in Buddhism

The lotus flower is one of the most sacred symbols in the Buddhist religion. The lotus has many symbolic meanings, but it is most often used to represent the purity of an enlightened mind that rises from the challenges of life. It can also symbolize nonattachment since it grows from the mud, which represents attachment, but the flowers float on top of the water away from the attachment below.

5. The Role of the Lotus Flower in the Hindu Religion

The final interesting fact about the lotus flower also relates to religion. In the Hindu religion, the lotus flower symbolizes fertility, beauty, eternity, and spirituality. This flower is of such significance that the Hindu creator of the universe, Lord Brahma, is depicted sitting on one lotus flower while holding another in his hand.

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