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5 Powerful Symbols Used in Spiritual Jewelry

When you purchase or receive a piece of stunning spiritual jewelry, you may notice the presence of symbols. Some are instantly recognizable, like the sun and moon. Others, like the hamsa, have more esoteric meanings. Each powerful symbol used in spiritual jewelry has a different meaning that can bring new potential into your life.

Spiritual jewelry is meant to be worn as a reminder of that symbol’s power and what it can do for you in your everyday life. Human beings have assigned deeper meaning to a wide variety of symbols across thousands of years, and many of those symbols survive today. Read more about the meanings behind spiritual symbols and open your heart to the good they can do for you.

1. The Evil Eye

When you see “evil” in the name, you may be confused as to why somebody would wear this symbol—but it’s actually a protective charm. The evil eye is also known as the eye of protection. It has been used for thousands of years in a variety of religious traditions, from Buddhism to Christianity.

The evil eye comes in a few different forms. Many expert artisans create evil eye charms depicting the eye in a variety of colors, each with their own meaning. Here are just a few examples:

  • White represents purity, focus, and a fresh start. A white evil eye charm will clear obstacles from your path and get you pointed in the right direction.
  • Light blue is a common color for evil eye beads. It represents general protection and inner peace. It broadens your perspective.
  • Red offers enthusiasm, passion, and courage to face the road ahead. If you are fearful or anxious, a red evil eye charm will quell those anxieties.
  • Yellow boosts your health and your powers of concentration. It’s an invigorating, rejuvenating color designed to provide you relief.
  • Purple boosts your imagination! A purple evil eye charm will clear obstacles from your path to help you seek creativity and balance.
  • Pink casts a protective eye on your friendships. It encourages feelings of contentment with your life and relationships.

The evil eye, or eye of protection, can be worn on a charm bracelet, a set of earrings, or a sleek and simple pendant. Everyday use protects the wearer against that all-present evil eye.

2. The Hamsa

Also called the Hand of God, the hamsa is a powerful hand-shaped symbol that originated in North Africa and the Middle East. The word “khamsah” in Arabic means “five”—look at the five fingers on that hand. In Judaism, it is often called the “Hand of Miriam,” named for Moses and Aaron’s sister. Muslim wearers often call it the “Hand of Fatima,” after the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

While the hamsa is most commonly associated with Judaism and Islam, archaeological digs have proven it to be older than both religions. Ancient Phoenicians used it as a symbol of their goddess Tanit, the patroness of the city of Carthage.

In every spiritual tradition in which it appears, the hamsa is a symbol of protection. The hand, often an open right hand with two symmetrical thumbs, can incorporate an evil eye symbol on the palm.

The number five is also an important element of luck.

No matter which spiritual tradition you follow, wearing the hamsa as a pendant or charm will give you the feeling of being protected or watched over.

3. The Lotus

Another symbol with meaning in various religions, the lotus flower is a potent symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. In the natural world, the lotus makes its roots deep in the mud and rises up daily to bloom. Lotus flowers are havens of life and beauty amongst a backdrop of mud and murky water.

The ancient Egyptians were early users of lotus flower symbolism. They firmly believed it was a symbol of the sun—perhaps their most powerful deity. To them, the lotus meant creation, rebirth, regeneration, and healing. Lotus flowers were even used as medicine to heal the body.

Buddhists also view the lotus as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration—but not of the human body. They use lotus imagery to symbolize the rebirth and further development of the mind. A closed lotus represents a “closed” or undeveloped mind, while an open lotus bloom symbolizes an enlightened mind.

Wearing lotus flower jewelry, either as a simple pendant or as a charm on a gemstone bracelet, encourages the opening of the mind. Lotus imagery will remind you to work towards enlightenment.

4. The Moon

For thousands of years, human beings have looked to the moon as a source of feminine influence and power. The moon is depicted as a goddess or feminine spirit in ancient Greek and Chinese spiritual traditions.

Just as the moon controls the ocean’s tides, many people also believe that it influences emotion and energy. A moon necklace or charm can remind a female wearer of the divine energy that flows through her.

The full moon increases energy and creativity in the charm’s wearer. However, the crescent moon is also a powerful symbol in jewelry, as it represents part of a journey.

A waxing moon is one that moves toward its full state. As it grows brighter, it releases creativity, positivity, and motivation to reach one’s potential.

A waning moon, meanwhile, grows darker as it moves from the full phase to the new moon phase. The waning moon reminds us to banish negative energy from our lives and surroundings.

5. The Sun

Often viewed as a more masculine counterpart to the feminine moon, sun symbols in spiritual jewelry represent life, vitality, royalty, and power. Many Native American spiritual traditions revere the sun as a bringer of peace and healing.

The sun is the ultimate symbol of light and life. Without the warmth of the sun, life on Earth could not function. Spiritual jewelry depicting the sun endows the wearer with improved clarity and consciousness. If you have a difficult time paying attention to the world around you, a sun symbol can center you and remind you of your blessings.

In many cultures, both ancient and current, the sun is glorified as a symbol of creation. Incorporate sun symbolism into your spiritual jewelry if you are experiencing a creative block. Its bright rays will remind you of your far-reaching potential.

The many powerful symbols that are used in spiritual jewelry have various uses for your everyday life. Some are protective charms to ward off bad karma, while others serve as reminders of innate spirituality and divine potential. Satya Jewelry creates stunning pieces of spiritual jewelry from silver, gold, and gemstones to keep you centered and remind you of your limitless spirit.

5 Powerful Symbols Used in Spiritual Jewelry

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