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5 Tips To Open Your Third Eye Chakra for Spiritual Awakening

Your body is composed of seven chakras, each with its own purpose. To fully enjoy your life and embrace your spiritual journey, keep all seven of your chakras open, balanced, and in alignment with one another.

Consider the third eye chakra and how it can aid in spiritual awakening. Follow these helpful tips for opening that chakra and taking advantage of the intuition it can offer.


The third eye is commonly associated with seeing things not immediately visible to others. It’s also elementally associated with light, although some people associate it with everythingness and interconnectedness rather than a single element.

Try a visualization exercise. Get into your preferred meditation position and visualize rays of calming light emanating from that third eye.

Mantra Meditation

If you are not adept at clear visualization, don’t push yourself. Adapt your meditative style to incorporate a simple mantra: I see.

Repeat this mantra to clear your head of any mental or emotional chatter. Incorporate the seed syllable or seed mantra—a simple “om”—to let those vibrations open the energy flow around your third eye.

A Physical Reminder

Satya Jewelry offers multiple collections of meaningful chakra jewelry to remind you to stay in balance. Many pieces use gemstones to represent all seven chakras in alignment.

The third eye chakra, in particular, is associated with the lotus flower. If the lotus is more meaningful to you, add a simple pendant to your everyday jewelry for a constant reminder.

Sun Gazing

The sun is our planet’s most powerful source of light. Try incorporating it into your meditation with a gentle gaze, preferably at sunrise or sunset. Be sure to use proper sun protection, and avoid staring directly into the sun.

Use the power of the sun to open your third eye and increase your overall sense of clarity.


As you meditate, you may use short mantras like the ones discussed above. As you continue your spiritual journey and improve your meditative abilities, consider using affirming phrases to balance your third eye chakra. Some helpful affirmations include:

  • I am receiving, and I am trusting.
  • I have peace of mind, and I have clarity.
  • I am connected to the universe around me.

Treat your third eye chakra like the powerful source of intuition it is. When you open your third eye chakra for spiritual awakening, you find more connectedness with the universe. Your powers of perception and intuition will flourish when you keep that third eye in balance with these tips.

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