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6 Tips To Fully Harness the New Moon’s Energy

The new moon graces our skies once every 29 days. And while she may be invisible to the human eye, this phase represents a new starting point, a fresh beginning in the cycle of life. Are you looking to begin a new phase in your own life?

Using the cycles of the moon to map out your own life can be a fulfilling and enriching experience. Living in tandem with the celestial bodies above brings you more in tune with the natural world around you. The night of a new moon is a perfect time to gain clarity about your life.

So how can you fully harness the new moon’s energy? Satya Jewelry has compiled a collection of tips to get you started in turning to a fresh page in your life’s story. Read on to learn more about how you can attune yourself to the moon’s spiritual energies.

Write Out Affirmations

Take out your journal—affirmations are easiest to remember when written with pen and paper—and think about the energy you’d like to bring to this new chapter. Affirmations are generally “I” statements written in the present tense, as though the goal has already been achieved.

Examples of powerful affirmations include the following:

  • “I use my setbacks to learn, grow, and nurture myself.”
  • “I am highly successful at my job.”
  • “I do not let my past get me down; I use it to map out my future.”
  • “I am an inspiration to my friends and loved ones.”

With the night of the new moon as your starting point, meditate on these affirmations and bring their positive energy into your future.

Start a New Habit or Hobby

Many people wait until New Year’s Day to start working on the practices and habits they want to adopt. However, each month has a new beginning of its own, starting with the new moon. Is there a fun hobby or positive habit you’ve always wanted to try? Now is the time to begin in earnest!

The first 30 days of starting a new habit are the most crucial in making sure the habit sticks. If writing notes and reminders is helpful for you, write them into your calendar every day. Whether you’d like to try going vegetarian or you’ve always wanted to get into Pilates, remind yourself to dive into it every day.

Who knows—by the time the next new moon rises in the sky, you may have cemented a positive new habit or hobby in your daily routine!

Dip Into a Refresher Bath

Engaging in water rituals is a great way to feel connected with the energies of the moon in both its full and new states. The night of a new moon is a perfect time to reset with a ritual bath.

Set intentions for the coming moon cycle as you light candles, diffuse your favorite essential oils, and sink into a tub of warm water. It may look like a simple “self-care” bath at first glance, but the intentions you set while bathing are what matters.

As you soak in the bath, reflect on the triumphs and challenges of the past month. Free your mind of troubling thoughts and meditate on the fresh start that the new moon gives you.

Create an Altar or Sacred Space

Are you getting more invested in your spiritual journey? Have you always wanted to dedicate a physical space in your home to your spiritual practice? The night of a new moon is the perfect time to create your ideal altar.

Your sacred space does not need to be picture perfect. What matters is your personal spiritual connection to the items you choose to place on it. Clear off a space on a dresser or side table, and only incorporate objects that remind you of your spiritual strengths, needs, and goals.

Consider adding the following items to your altar or sacred space:

  • Crystal points or towers
  • Your meditation journal
  • Prayer beads
  • Vision boards you’ve created

Your sacred space doesn’t have to be limited to a single physical location, though. Wearing moon jewelry is a great way to carry that sacred space with you and remain attuned to the spiritual energy of the divine moon.

Perform a Cleansing Ritual

Depending on your specific spiritual practice, a cleansing ritual can take a variety of forms. Some people find special meaning in smudging with sage, while others incorporate salt into their cleansing practices.

Are there any areas of your life that need a metaphorical air clearing? Meditate on those aspects, be they rocky friendships or a disorganized calendar, as you light candles or burn a bundle of sage.

Cleansing rituals aren’t just limited to the abstract and metaphorical, either. The new moon is a great time of the month to physically clean your house! Set an intention for the new cycle as you light a candle, then get to scrubbing, vacuuming, and polishing your living space.

Manifest Positivity with a Vision Board

Have you ever created a vision board before? It may sound a little silly—cutting and pasting pictures to bring good things your way—but there’s a reason why the practice is so popular: it works.

Take a moment on the night of the new moon to self-reflect and read past journal entries. What are the most common themes in those journals? What good things have you been wanting to pull your way?

Now, take out a large piece of paper, poster board, or even cardboard. It doesn’t matter what material you use, as long as you’ve got plenty of space. Hunt through magazines and online galleries for images that represent what you want to manifest. Avoid the temptation to turn it into a wish list of physical items you want to buy!

Maybe you want to be promoted at your job, move to a new location, or conceive a child. Whatever your strongest desires are, focus your intentions as you create a visual representation. Accent the images with words of affirmation and motivation.

Place your completed vision board in a spot where you’ll see it every day, like at your altar or above your desk. When you manifest your goals and intentions in a physical space, you’ll draw that energy your way!

The new moon is highly regarded among spiritual devotees as a time to wipe the slate clean and start anew. You can create your own fresh start in a variety of ways, and harnessing the new moon’s energy will help you realize your goals more powerfully. Use Satya Jewelry’s tips next time the new moon rises, and set meaningful intentions for yourself to start the new cycle on strong footing.

6 Tips To Fully Harness the New Moon’s Energy

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