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7 Best Spiritual Gifts for Meditation Lovers

Do you know a special someone who extols the virtues of daily meditation? Next time you have the occasion to give them a gift, choose one that speaks to that daily practice. Satya Jewelry offers extensive collections of spiritual gifts for meditation lovers that inspire the wearer and promote mindfulness.

Read more below for a helpful gift guide. One or more of these ideas could speak deeply to your loved one and show them that you care about their spiritual health. From inspiring gemstones to ancient symbols of healing and protection, there’s a precious piece for every meditation devotee.

Amethyst Jewelry

In addition to being the birthstone for February, amethyst is the gemstone most commonly associated with heightened spirituality. A simple pendant or pair of gemstone earrings will remind your loved one to focus on inner peace and bliss in their daily meditation.

Amethyst is also associated with the crown chakra at the top of the head. Meditating on that seventh chakra can release mental and emotional blockages, helping your loved one achieve mental tranquility and heightened understanding.

Chakra Necklace

Satya Jewelry offers expertly crafted chakra necklaces in several stunning variations. A chakra necklace is recognizable by the seven gemstones vertically or horizontally aligned with one another. In ascending order, the seven chakras are:

  • Root: The base of the spine, represented by red and associated with stability and grounding.
  • Sacral: Just above the pubic bone, associated with the color orange as well as sexuality and pleasure.
  • Solar plexus: The upper abdomen area, often represented by yellow and linked to confidence.
  • Heart: The center of the chest, linked with the color green and representing love and compassion.
  • Throat: The center of the neck, usually represented by blue and associated with strong communication.
  • Third eye: The center of the forehead, associated with the color indigo and connected to the imagination.
  • Crown: The top of the head, represented by a true purple color and linked to intelligence and awareness.

Give your loved one a symbolic necklace that incorporates all seven of the chakras to remind them to keep their inner world in balance.

Peridot Jewelry

This pale green gemstone is the traditional birthstone for August; birthstone jewelry is sure to be a hit as a birthday gift. However, peridot is also a powerful gemstone that encourages the wearer on their spiritual journey to be their most authentic self, no matter what time of year they were born.

A sleek peridot pendant is not only an attractive addition to an everyday outfit, but it reminds its wearer to focus on balancing their emotions. Peridot helps meditation devotees reflect on both their inner world and their relationships with others. It’s often called the stone of compassion and relationships.

Lotus Pendant

The lotus is a powerful symbol of recovery, regeneration, and new beginnings—perfect for those who love to meditate. Give your loved one a lotus necklace crafted from precious metals and gemstones to demonstrate your love for them.

Lotus flowers are a perfect talisman for a person who wishes to transform themselves. In nature, the lotus begins its growth journey in dark, muddy waters. As it grows, it reaches the surface of the water before bursting into a delightful bloom! However, without its roots at the murky bottom of the pond, it cannot continue to flourish.

For a person who meditates to better themselves and recover from past traumas, the lotus is a perfect meditative symbol.

Mandala Necklace

The word “mandala” means “circle” in Sanskrit and represents the cyclical nature of life. Many people meditate on mandalas in their own way by doodling or coloring them to promote a sense of symmetry. Creating or focusing on mandala patterns helps mindfulness devotees meditate on becoming their ideal selves.

Give your loved one a necklace with a mandala pendant. The circular pattern will help them meditate on the inherent interconnectedness of the universe and focus on their part in it. The circle of the mandala also represents an individual’s personal spiritual journey. After all, meditation does not have an endpoint. There’s no finish line to that inner journey; it’s a constant process of quiet reflection and self-improvement.

Moon Jewelry

The moon has been a symbol of the cyclical rhythms of time for thousands of years. Many people believe the moon is connected to the divine feminine, so many women incorporate moon symbolism in their spiritual journey. The Moon Goddess, or Grandmother Moon, is a wise and nurturing influence to many women who meditate.

Show the special woman in your life that you are here to uplift her through every phase of her journey. Remind her of the power of divine feminine influence with a pendant or beaded bracelet depicting the moon. Whether that moon is waxing, waning, full, or new, she hangs in the sky to guide us all. Encourage your loved one to meditate on the phases of her own life as she connects to that divine influence.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Satya Jewelry offers many of the beautiful and calming pieces described above plated in 18k gold. Gold is believed to bring spiritual wealth and ward off negativity. However, that is not to decry the many spiritual benefits of sterling silver jewelry! Sterling silver is a cooling and calming metal that encourages balance in the wearer’s life.

Sterling silver jewelry, especially when combined with meaningful gemstones, helps the wearer seek healing in meditation. In addition, the metal itself has some antimicrobial properties that help ward off germs. When worn against the skin as a pendant, sterling silver can also improve the body’s circulation and internal heat regulation. Your loved one can meditate on their emotional, spiritual, and physical health with the help of meaningful sterling silver jewelry.

To demonstrate to the meditation devotee in your life that you care about their spiritual journey and emotional health, give them a meaningful gift from Satya Jewelry. Our collections include a variety of metals and gemstones that help the wearer meditate more thoughtfully and focus on different areas of their life.

If you are on the search for the best spiritual gifts for your favorite meditation lover, browse the collections at Satya Jewelry. Whether you focus on a particular gemstone or a powerful meditative symbol, the recipient will treasure the gift as an essential element of their mindfulness journey.

7 Best Spiritual Gifts for Meditation Lovers

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