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A Quick Guide to Stacking Your Bracelets

Do you have a large collection of distinctive jewelry pieces? You don’t have to limit yourself to wearing one or two at a time. Bracelet stacking is a rising trend because lots of folks have pretty baubles they want to wear more often. Let this quick guide to stacking your bracelets inspire you as you mix and match bracelets to create a unique and eye-catching look.

Go All In

Two bracelets on the same wrist doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a stack. Don’t be afraid to really pile them on as you experiment! Figure out how many bracelets you can wear before they start to weigh you down, and slowly weed out pieces from there.

Bracelet stacking is meant to catch the eye. Encourage yourself to mix and match bold pieces, and don’t shy away from making a little noise as you move.

Combine Sizes and Weights

Bracelet stacks are different from bangles, though you can certainly incorporate a few sleek bangles into your stack. Mix and match bracelets of varying sizes, styles, and weights for a chic maximalist look.

Are some of your bracelets more flexible than others? Slide on a rigid silver bangle next to a looser charm bracelet for a fun and personalized look.

Pair Similar Materials Together

Bracelets come in all kinds of materials, but they often look best when paired with similar materials. Go for an all-metal bracelet stack if that’s your style. If you have a few brightly colored plastic bracelets, make a stack by mixing them all together.

Make It Unique to You

Personalize your bracelet stack by incorporating pieces that have special meaning to you. Choose a beaded piece of lotus flower jewelry to remind you of your meditative journey, or clip on a charm bracelet that evokes happy memories.

Between your sentimental bracelets, layer on a couple of sleek, neutral bracelets like gold chains or silver bangles.

Want to start stacking your bracelets like a seasoned pro? Use Satya Jewelry’s quick guide to bracelet stacking to inspire you to dig deeper into your jewelry box. Pile on your favorite pieces, and you’ll be smiling all day long.

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