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A Quick History of the Evil Eye & Why You Should Wear It

The evil eye, or eye of protection, is one of the oldest and most powerful protective symbols in the world. Eye imagery appears in major world religions, from Buddhism to Christianity, and the eye works to protect wearers from harm and misfortune. Continue reading for Satya’s brief history of the evil eye, and learn why you should wear one.

Early Mentions

Discussion and depiction of the evil eye date back to at least the 6th century BCE, when ancient Greek scholars attempted to identify and explain the idea. Plutarch tried to make scientific sense of the belief in evil eyes by conjecturing that eyes possessed the power to cast spiritual curses like deadly rays or arrows.

The earliest depictions of the eye of protection appear on ancient Greek drinking vessels. People drank from them as a form of protective magic to keep deadly glances away from them. To this day, evil eye imagery remains particularly prevalent in Mediterranean cultures.

Spiritual Traditions

Evil eye imagery and philosophy can be found in multiple religious and spiritual beliefs to this day. All three Abrahamic religions place significance on the eye as a source of either goodwill or ill intent.


Muslim spiritual teachings indicate that a person can cause harm to others with an unkind or jealous glance. The person is often unaware that they are casting the evil eye; it’s done unconsciously but still causes harm.


Jewish traditions also draw a connection between jealousy or envy and the evil eye. Those who hold this belief avoid talking about their prosperity or good fortune in life in order to ward off those ill glances.


The teachings of Jesus point to the eye as the lamp of the body (see Luke 11:34). If a person’s eye is bright and generous, so is their inner being—and if their eye is malicious or unkind, the person is as well.

The Benefits of a Talisman

Many people ward off unkind or vicious glances from the evil eye by wearing an eye-shaped talisman or charm, often called the “evil eye.” Its general purpose is to ward off negative energy and unkind glances. If you wear eye of protection jewelry close to your heart, like a gemstone pendant, it offers protection to the things nearest to you and your heart.

Evil eye, or eye of protection, charms protect you from any negativity or unkindness that is directed your way, whether intentionally or otherwise. The eye works tirelessly to prevent misfortune or ill will from entering your life.

Why should you wear the evil eye? It’s a powerful symbol that directs negative energy and ill thinking away from you. This quick history of the eye of protection provides important context to its sacred power.

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