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April Inspiration: Growth

This month, the green shoots that make their way through the earth begin to grow heavy with buds and finally, burst into bloom. As we witness this annual ritual of nature's growth, our pulse quickens at the beauty that is born from darkness, made visible at last in April's spring light.

Are you open to the evolution and growth that awaits you this month? Or maybe you're resisting change, unsure of what embracing it will mean for your journey. Wherever you are in relation to growth, we hope you'll take a few quiet moments to sit with your feelings, understand points of openness or resistance, and begin manifesting that which will best serve you this season.

Mother Nature offers us a map by which to navigate growth, and we do well when we heed Her example: Growth is inevitable; it is necessary. It cannot be rushed, nor can it be halted. But just as the lotus flower colors the world with its petals after rising from mud nightly, so can we evolve into our most authentic selves. We can radiate our light and beauty into the world around us, each of us like diamonds scattering spring's sunshine.

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