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December Inspiration: Magic

December’s arrival heralds the season of magic. From holidays celebrated across cultural and religious traditions to the winter and summer solstices marked in the northern and summer hemispheres, December offers us the opportunity to suspend the stresses of everyday life and believe that anything is possible.

Magic exists where we experience wonder, and December delivers an abundance of magical moments if we are open to receiving them. Who among us hasn’t gasped audibly at the first snowflakes beginning to fall, the joy and anticipation of childhood—dormant for perhaps far too long—rushing to the surface and making us heady with delight? Or looked up at the stars, the smell of a wood burning stove filling our noses, and felt our breath catch in our throat for the infinite beauty in the world?

Such moments of fleeting magic remind us of our connection to the unknowable mysteries of the Universe. Perhaps this is why we choose to give gifts to our loved ones during December’s holiday season: It is an act of love, and a moment we hope will create magic for the gift’s recipient. To make them feel cherished, and honored, and seen. To bring them joy. To elicit wonder.

Wherever December finds you, we hope you will experience magic this month. May you be awestruck by the beauty that still exists in the world, by the solicitude of strangers and loved ones alike, by the warmth of twinkling lights and the comfort of a kind smile.

May you be open to discovering magic, and carrying it in your heart to share with others.


December mantra:
I believe in the magic of the Universe; I attract magic into my life.

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