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February's Inspiration: Love

This month, we celebrate love in its infinite forms. From romance and friendship to self-love and the Big Love of the Universe, love awakens within us joy, hope, compassion, and possibility.

Love softens our hard edges as it steels our resolve. It ignites our passion while soothing our anger. It creates lasting bonds, and heals us when we are broken. Love is an elixir for what ails our world, and a balm to our bruised spirits. Love is fiery, it is calming, it is breathtaking and mundane. It is a miracle that reveals itself in myriad ways, pulling us out of despair and shining a light where we were once certain only darkness resided.

As February dawns, may love—however it reveals itself—guide our journeys and open our hearts to its miracles. May we learn to lead with love, to extend love ever outward, to be grateful to receive love when it is extended to us.

May we walk with love, speak with love, and be guided by love toward kindness and light.

Here's to love, however it lives in your life.

February's Mantra



Symbol of the Month: Heart

As the physical manifestation of our most unifying emotion, the heart signifies tenderness, adoration, friendship, and love. This Valentine's Day, give a heart-shaped gift that reflects what they mean to you.

Gemstone for February : Amethyst

With its regal purple hue, amethyst helps guide our spirituality and opens our hearts to love.


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