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How To Choose Meaningful Wedding Day Jewelry

Planning a wedding involves making several layers of choices. Once you’ve chosen the perfect bridal gown, it’s time to accessorize it with jewelry that elevates your ensemble without overwhelming it. How can you strike that balance to put together a look you’ll be proud to commemorate in photos?

Satya Jewelry is here to teach you some essential tips for choosing meaningful wedding day jewelry. Whether you want to follow time-honored wedding day traditions or create some of your own, reflect your unique personality in the jewelry you wear on your special day.

“Something Old, Something New…”

Since you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably heard about some of the most popular traditions by now. Other women in your family may have said this rhyme to themselves as they prepared to walk down the aisle: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” What can this tradition mean for you?

Many couples opt to include items from those four categories to act as good luck charms or harbingers of a happy marriage. Some soon-to-be newlyweds even use these items to ward off the evil eye!

Something Old

As you choose jewelry for your wedding, ask beloved members of your family if they have any heirloom pieces they’d like to gift or loan you for the big day. Perhaps you can incorporate a pendant from your grandmother or a pair of vintage earrings from your aunt. Wearing these treasured heirloom pieces can connect you to your lineage as you prepare for a new chapter in your life.

Something New

Consider treating yourself to a new piece of jewelry as a wedding-day gift to yourself! Narrow down your choices to one element of your look—a pair of earrings, perhaps, or a meaningful bracelet.

This portion of your bridal ensemble is the perfect opportunity to add your own meaning. Lotus-inspired jewelry holds special significance for couples, acting as a talisman of devotion and a symbol of perseverance.

Something Borrowed

Let your loved ones be a part of your bridal ensemble in their own way! Your “something borrowed” can be an heirloom piece from a relative or a lucky charm from your maid of honor.

Something Blue

Gemstone jewelry in shades of blue can help you complete the traditional rhyme while inspiring you to set intentions for your marriage. For instance, blue topaz represents loyalty and true love, while aquamarine acts as a signifier of eternal hope and a symbol of protection. If you’re looking for a true, deep blue, choose sapphire; it symbolizes wisdom, strength, and good judgment, all of which you’ll need to ensure a happy marriage.

Complementing Your Dress

As you choose jewelry for your wedding day, play around with the pieces at your disposal to accentuate your gown without overwhelming it. But how can you strike that balance most effectively?

Necklaces and Necklines

If you’re choosing jewelry, chances are you’ve already purchased your gown. What type of neckline are you working with?

A strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline is a perfect opportunity to let a longer necklace or delicate pendant take center stage. Meanwhile, V-neck silhouettes practically cry out for a simple pendant to accentuate that V shape.

Shades of White

Not all varieties of bridal white are the same! If you’ve chosen a vintage gown, it may be more of an ivory than a stark white. Many newer gowns, especially those with plenty of tulle, are more of a crisp, cool white.

Take warm and cool undertones into consideration as you choose metals for your wedding-day jewelry. Ivory silk and chiffon go well with warm yellow gold, while cooler whites may demand sterling silver.

Fabric Choices

As you select jewelry for your wedding day, keep a photo of yourself in your wedding gown on hand as a reference. Is your gown’s fabric sleek and shiny or lacy and detailed?

For example, if your gown has plenty of unique features on its own—think lace overlays, beaded embroidery, and crystals galore—pair it with understated yet sentimental jewelry. A meaningful lotus pendant or a sleek celestial bracelet will add the perfect amount of visual interest and act as a good luck talisman on your special day.

Choosing an Area of Focus

To ensure that your wedding-day jewelry really shines and can boast its full meaning, pick one or two areas of focus to accentuate.


If your wedding gown has a strapless or sweetheart neckline, consider clipping on an eye-catching necklace. Shorter chain lengths are popular choices for brides, as they add sparkle without interfering with the dress itself.

Top Tip:

Do you feel as though the stars aligned in perfect harmony when you met your soon-to-be spouse? Pay homage to your celestial roots with a zodiac necklace that lies close to your heart.


If you’re not much of a necklace person, draw your guests’ eyes to your face with a striking pair of earrings. Chandelier silhouettes with plenty of sparkle will light up your face and eliminate the need for a necklace.


Good luck charms and talismans of positivity work well when worn as a bracelet. You won’t need to look in a mirror for that visual reminder of good things to come.

Wear a charm bracelet with spiritual symbols that hold special meaning for you, like the evil eye or the hand of protection. Should you ever start to feel those wedding-day nerves, simply look down and focus for a moment on that protective charm. A few minutes of mindful meditation will soothe those jitters!

As you prepare for your upcoming nuptials, choose meaningful wedding day jewelry that complements your dress and speaks to your unique personality. Use these tips from Satya Jewelry as guidelines, and don’t be afraid to bend the rules and make classic wedding-day traditions your own.

The most important piece of advice to remember, though, is to be yourself! When you wear unique jewelry pieces that hold special meaning for you, your confident smile will light up the venue more than any gemstone.

How To Choose Meaningful Wedding Day Jewelry

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